And Yet Another Odd Couple

Grace and Frankie

This series has been running for quite a while now. We’re coming to it late, but by binge-watching over the past week, we are almost through the first season.

Really, could there be a stranger mix of housemates? Grace is a retired cosmetics queen, and Frankie is an old hippie. Their extended family dynamics are ‘interesting’, too. Their husbands left them to move in together. 70 years of age is a bit late in life to make those kinds of change.

Each family has two children: Grace, two girls; Frankie, two (adopted) boys. They are all ‘grown-up’ (in a manner of speaking), but their life situations are “complicated”.

Where Have We Seen This Situation Before?

In 1968, two men moved into together when one of them was thrown out of his martial home. Neil Simon saw the humour in having one of them be a slob, while the other was a neat freak. The viewing public agreed, and two years later a television version of The Odd Couple took to the airways for six seasons.

At the moment, Grace and Frankie has been on for six seasons, too.

Senior Award-Winning Actresses

Lily Tomlin has been making us laugh since the late 60’s on “Rowan & Martin’s Laugh-In”. This project, together with Jane Fonda, is a way for them to keep working into their 80’s. And they both look good for their age. (Make-up notwithstanding.)

But is this show just for seniors? Not really, because most everyone can recognize themselves in the family situations. In fact, Susan’s daughter suggested that we watch it.

So, if you haven’t seen this show, and would like a laugh or two, go to Netflix and sign on. You won’t regret it.

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