Is Keanu Reeves Still the One?

The Matrix (4)

It’s hard to believe that it’s been more than two decades since we were introduced to Thomas Anderson (Neo). The first Matrix film broke through our self-imposed blindness to the truth that the world as we know it is a computerized simulation.

But did it help us? I guess that depends on whether we chose the red pill or not.

To my understanding, this story points out in visual form what Gurdjieff tried to explain a century ago: the energy in charge of this world lives off our collective fear.

I suspect most people missed that point. When Neo took the red pill, he found himself in a cocoon-style pod, plugged into the Machine.

While human beings are kept in the pod, the world they think they inhabit is actually just a computer simulation and all the events in that ‘world’ are used to produce reactions which then get harvested electronically by the Machine.

If I seem to be harping on this plot device, it’s because it is considered a ‘plot hole’ by a great many people. When a person is ‘woke’ they see the mechanisms for what they are.

So, I ask you, which pill would you take?

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  1. cdsmiller17 says:

    Thomas (twin) Anderson (son of Man). You wouldn’t think they’d be that obvious, would you?


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