The Original “King of Hollywood”

Douglas Fairbanks Sr. (May 23, 1883 – December 12, 1939)

After writing yesterday about “America’s Sweetheart”, Mary Pickford, it only seems appropriate to look at the astrological chart of her ‘one, great love’.

This chart was on my Kepler 7.0 computer program, but it was timed for the sunrise of the day. That didn’t look right, so I rectified it to match (as close as possible) to when he married Pickford @ age 37, represented by Venus in Taurus. Here we have yet another stellium in Taurus, starting with Venus, and including Neptune and Saturn/Pluto conjunct. This man was dynamic, and magnetic, for sure.

First These Artists United, Then They Married

Have you ever wondered what astrological aspects bring two people together? The combined charts of Pickford and Fairbanks shows how connected they were, in spite of their age difference. But, nine years really isn’t that difficult to overcome, is it?

Mary’s Sun is conjunct Douglas’ Mars. His Part of Fortune/Venus aspect is conjunct her Mercury in Taurus. Her Venus is conjunct his Sun/Saturn/Pluto aspect. Her Mars is opposite his Midheaven. His Uranus is midway between her Moon and Saturn in Virgo. And most importantly, his Uranus is inconjunct her Sun, while his Mars is inconjunct her Saturn. I’m surprised that they managed to stay married for 14 years.

His last words:

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