Is This Why We Are Going Through a Pandemic?

XVI: The Tower

Lars Muhl’s latest chapter (8) in the book that I’m reading (The O Manuscript) is in section II of the third part. The section is entitled Shekinah. Ooh, we’ve been here before, haven’t we? Just to see what its hidden meaning might be, I checked the value of the Hebrew letters: they total 385. When added together, the number is 16, reduced to 7.

I then thought of the Tarot card, The Tower.

The Collapse of Personality

“From a spiritual point of view, the Fall represents the end of harmony and the beginning of division, opposition, and inner and outer aggression. This is expressed by the two people falling on different sides of the Tower. These two people should also be interpreted as one person who is ‘torn in two’ when his or her moral reference points are lost. The Tower’s windows suggested this in the first version of the card. In our case, the top two windows are like two eyes, blinded by the same flaming passion that led to the fall. The ‘tongues of light’ that fall down alongside the two people represent shreds of personality that the lightning, symbol of uncontrollable psychic energy, has helped disintegrate.

“Summing up then, the Tower tells us of the tragedy of a person or group of people driven by the desire to possess superior knowledge or transcend the limits set by Nature or Law. The result? A situation of privilege or condition of supremacy is lost.”

Tarot of the New Vision (Page 50)

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