Another Name for the Holy Spirit?


On Friday, Raymond, in our Faith & Science group Zoom meeting, wanted to demonstrate the use of words as conveyors of deeper, hidden symbolism. He then said a word in French, la colombe. Instantly, someone (I think it was Robin) responded with ‘dove’. Then we discussed, as a group, its deeper meaning as a peace symbol.

The synchronicity is obvious when you compare this early part of our Zoom meeting to the latter part which included discussion about the Cathars and the Knights Templar. (See yesterday’s post.) But, that’s not the end of it, is it?

My daughter, Rosanna, works for a charity in the U.K. called Shekinah. After she posted something on Facebook about it, today, someone asked what it meant. Here’s what Wikipedia says:

The Shekhinah (Biblical Hebrew: שכינה‎ šekīnah; also Romanized Shekina(h), Schechina(h), Shechina(h)) is the English transliteration of a Hebrew word meaning “dwelling” or “settling” and denotes the dwelling or settling of the divine presence of God. This term does not occur in the Bible, and is from rabbinic literature.



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  2. cdsmiller17 says:

    In Hebrew this name adds up to 385. Hmmm.


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