Gnostic: Our Mother-Father God in Heaven


I have hinted at this name before. And the images that are presented on the internet seem to be ‘fearsome’. The idea of a masculine female principle is contradictory until you understand androgyny. Remember The Star of Bethlehem?

Here’s a passage from Lars Muhl’s book:

‘As you can see,’ Mariam said, ‘the great mother, Anyahitha, and the women of the earth are heading for hard times. When, therefore, I give you your name you accept the obligation of passing this knowledge on to our sisters you meet on your way and who are mature enough to receive it. Only thus may the wisdom continue to live in the world. Only thus may the world survive. You must at any time be ready to go to the bottomless realm and lift the dragon from the depths. When Solomon and Sheba have united in you, you will possess the power with which you may tame the Beast. From now on you shall be known by the name Mariona Magdal. But your hidden name shall, from this day on, be BARBELO!’

Muhl, Lars. The O Manuscript (pp. 678-679). Watkins Media. Kindle Edition.

Lars is hinting at the words of Revelation 17:1-18. But, according to his thinking, this person is a symbol of the Holy Spirit, so we are back in Shekinah territory.

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  1. cdsmiller17 says:

    After a while the being continued:
    ‘It is here. Now! Mariam Magdal is the all-dominating new female Sophia archetype that, after more than 1,700 years in the dark, has appeared out of the depths in order to regain its rightful place, on an equal footing with the Logos principle, Messiah/Christ. Since the establishment of the church its leading men have oppressed this archetype, with ensuing serious and painful consequences for mankind. Now, however, the time to put the record straight has come when the great swindle must be uncovered. The church elders were afraid of the idea that a woman could come to stand in the forefront of the new church. And rightly so. For Mariam was Yeshua’s chosen disciple and his beloved equal. Therefore, she had to be eliminated, and was, in one fell swoop, made out to be a whore. She is that wisdom that Yeshua, with the words: “Be as wise as the Snake and as innocent as the Dove,” encouraged you to follow. The Dove is the symbol of the Holy Spirit, Agape and the Virgin, which represent man’s three highest chakras, whilst the Snake symbolizes Wisdom (Sophia/Hochman), Eros and Magdalene, which represent the three lowest chakras. And that is maybe the church’s greatest crime against mankind, that, by condemning the Magdalene aspect, it has made the whole life-giving foundation for mankind’s incarnation on earth, sinful. Mankind has only been half present. Now it’s time for you once again to be complete people.’

    Muhl, Lars. The O Manuscript (pp. 687-688). Watkins Media. Kindle Edition.

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