The Man Who Had a Private Audience in the Queen’s Bedroom

Michael Fagan (August 8, 1948)

You might think it a bit of a cheek for this individual to break into Buckingham Palace and visit Queen Elizabeth II first thing in the morning, just to have a ‘chat’. But he’d come to the ‘end of his tether’ and wanted to warn the Queen that her Prime Minister, Margaret Thatcher, was ruining the country. Perfectly reasonable, right?

Well, it was no laughing matter when it happened on July 9, 1982, and Fagan got locked up in a mental institution for three months for his intrusion (as it was only a civil misdemeanor, and not a criminal offence, in those days). But what made him do it?

I have rectified Fagan’s birth chart to the two details that stand out in his biography: leaving home at 18, due to his father’s violence, and meeting the Queen, at (almost) 34.

The resulting inconjuncts are therefore subject to the accuracy of this rectification.

Sun Inconjunct Ascendant

Your relationships with other people can be very intense. While you are young, they may be quite difficult, because you feel that others will accept you only if you deny yourself in some way. Or you may constantly feel you should put off doing what you want in order t do what you have to do. Usually your ideas about what you have to do come from the people around you. Also, contacts with other people will frequently force you to make serious, major psychological changes. Difficulties in your relationships with friends and family are signs of profound internal changes.

One interesting exchange between Fagan and his Member of Parliament had the MP suggest that if he gets nowhere with his complaint, he should talk to the Queen!

Pluto Inconjunct Ascendant

This can be an indication that through experiences with others, you will be forced to undergo many significant changes in your life. At times the crises may be quite unpleasant, but for the most part the results will be very positive, although for some people, they may be less constructive. But you must be very careful about the kind of people you get involved with. Choose your friends with great care and try to find the people who have a healthy outlook on life and who seem reasonably well balanced. People who are driven to extreme behavior or who act compulsively, as if they could not plan anything in advance, are not very good for you. They will get you into difficult situations that you do not need.

Also watch for compulsiveness or extreme behavior yourself. These qualities could be quite hard for others to handle, and people will probably avoid you if you express them freely.

When you compare Fagan’s birth chart with the event chart of his intrusion, it becomes quite clear that the triggering energy was the Moon in Aquarius, opposed to his ‘natal’ Sun/Mercury/Saturn/Pluto stellium in Leo. Note, too, that the 7 am Rising Sign is just before those planets were transited. Other planets also align closely, including the ‘event’ Mars/Saturn conjunct his ‘natal’ Mars. He had to act, he had no choice.

In the Netflix version of his life, Fagan objected to three billion pounds being spent of a phony war (to recapture the Falkland Islands from the Argentinians). After Thatcher’s austerity actions, that seemed one step too far, for him and his fellow suffering Brits.

And Fagan’s final warning to the Queen was that Thatcher was out to get her job.

The Same Event from the Queen’s Perspective

The ‘event’ Ascendant approaching conjunction with the ‘Queen’s’ Moon in Leo would represent her worst nightmare coming true. Fortunately, Fagan meant Her Majesty absolutely no harm (the ‘event’ Mars/Saturn inconjunct her Venus in Pisces). She was never in peril, but at that moment, she would have been a bit nervous for her safety.

And, in some ways, this was the beginning of a ‘wake up’ call: Sun transit Pluto; and Moon transit Mars/Jupiter. Queen Elizabeth II had been on the throne for 30 years…

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