The Beginning of the End or the End of the Beginning?

First (Verifiable) COVID-19 Vaccination (December 8 @ 6:31 GMT)

Margaret Keenan

OK. Now it begins (or ends). We’ve been hyped so much with COVID-19 news and stories, it’s hard to know if this is a good thing or a bad thing. (I’d say, it’s your choice, but is it really?) A Facebook post on Wednesday gave me the details of the timing.

Oh-oh. That Yod pointing at Mars in Aries is slightly concerning, and its interpretation is completely down to one’s point of view. So, *spoiler alert* if you want to read on, take note: the Mars energy could be either a killer of the “disease” or a killer of the world’s population. Only time will tell. In the meantime, these inconjuncts can give a few hints.

Moon Inconjunct Mars

Until you learn to handle your feelings, you are likely to get angry easily, have temper tantrums and be touchy about what is yours and what is not. You may feel you have to defend yourself against imagined threats. The problem here is that you are likely to become too emotionally involved with ideas, opinions or even objects without knowing it until someone threatens them. Then you react as if you were being personally threatened or attacked. You have to realize that it is possible to change your opinions and attitudes without damaging your worth as a person.

Venus Inconjunct Mars

You must learn to control your emotions to some extent, so that your feelings do not prevent you from getting along with others. It is difficult for you to react to someone without emotions, for you tend to either love or hate people quite intensely. Your feelings are often mixed, even toward your friends. One moment you love your friend, and the next moment you hate him or her. Any little problem can set off your anger against someone, but you usually cool off quickly also. Your close relationships will be a bit stormier than most, but this should not be a serious problem in later life. In fact you probably prefer stormy relationships, because it means that you are really involved with the other person.

And just for good measure:

Mercury Inconjunct Uranus

Your mind moves quickly from topic to topic, often without pausing long enough for you to understand what you have learned. And if there is a lot of excitement or activity around you, your mind may race so fast to keep up with it all that you work yourself into a state of nervous frenzy. Under these circumstances it is almost impossible for you to concentrate or do any useful mental work.


The T-square pointing at the Sun from the Moon and Neptune should be our warning: the stakes have been set so high that we really cannot know if the COVID-19 vaccine is a lifesaver or a money maker. Of course, Big Pharma wants to ‘save us’ from this “disease”, but those that question the validity of the pandemic may have a hard time buying into that ‘health’ mindset. In fact, the latest polls show that only about 40% would willingly get the shot. Now, our local provincial government has shown its hand by suggesting that those who have been immunized will get ‘proof’ of the vaccination in order to allow them to travel or attend movies. So, what about the rest? They won’t be part of the ‘club’, will they? A-ha.

The government intent is clear: get immunized, or else!

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