The Legend of the Fox

Zorro (August 9, 1919)

Okay, I know this is a bit of a stretch, so bear with me. The image, above, is the cover of the very first story about Zorro and his escapades in “Old California”. In effect, his birth.

There is quite the stellium in Leo for that day. Maybe that’s why Zorro became the 20th century hero, less than a year after the Great War ended. There are three inconjuncts, only one of them dependent on the correct timing of ‘birth’. Shall we look at them?

Sun Inconjunct Moon

This aspect suggests that there is a subtle conflict going on inside you that may sometimes create emotional problems. The Sun signifies your conscious personality, the way in which you act and the kinds of activities that you like to get involved in. The Moon signifies the emotional and less conscious side of you. It indicates the habits that take over when you are not acting consciously and feelings that come up from deep inside you. The inconjunct aspect between the Sun and Moon means that the Sun part of your personality is quite different from the Moon part, and it may be hard for you to relate them to each other. It is if you are divided in two, so that whenever you have to make an important decision, especially one that involves your feelings, the different sides of your personality want to go in opposite directions. You sometimes find it difficult to decide if you like something or if you want to take part in some activity.

But a much more difficult problem arises if you decide that one of these personalities is good and the other bad, so that you try to repress and hold down any behavior from the “bad” side. Unfortunately, that only makes it more difficult to handle that side, so that you have intense urges to do things that you think you should not so. You begin to act in ways that betray the image of yourself that you are trying to build up.

Jupiter Inconjunct Uranus

You will always need freedom, but you will also discover that what you do with your life will have meaning only if it means something to others. This is not an artificial rule but a truth that you will discover within yourself.When you do, you may become heavily involved in some social movement that advocates unusual ideas or ways of thinking. When you are an adult, you may join a movement for social reform and change. However, even in a group that embodies your own thinking. you will find it hard to adjust to the group’s demands on your time and freedom. Consequently you will probably leave that group and join another, until that one also becomes oppressive. While you are young, you may have a similar problem with your friends as well. When they start to expect too much of your time and energy, you will break away from them.

Saturn Inconjunct Midheaven

This aspect indicates that you very much need a positive relationship with your parents, especially your father. You should not be disciplined sternly unless you are given lots of love at the same time. Otherwise, giving and receiving love from others will be a real problem for the rest of your life. Unless you are truly supported by your family and friends, you will begin to feel lonely and isolated from others and inferior to them. Also you are likely to have very serious difficulties with authority figures, because you are afraid of how they will treat you, not expecting that anyone will ever give you the loving guidance you need. You will see all authorities only as potential threats to your freedom and as sources of pain and trouble.

(Isn’t it interesting how a character really can take on a life of its own?)

Guy Williams as Zorro (1957-1959)

This is the version of Zorro that I am the most familiar with, even though the story was almost 40 years older by then. Walt Disney knew a good thing when he saw it, and I find it interesting that the actor who played the character was named Guy.

Synchronicity? Perhaps.

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