Once Seen, Never Forgotten, Too

Hampton Court Palace

UK, Surrey – Hampton Court Palace

My memory says that I, with my second family, visited this palace in the summer of 1986. My third wife, Susan, has photos of this palace in 1965, especially the gardens.

I remember that I was surprised at the size of royal bedroom. It had a high ceiling, and the four-poster bed seemed small, even though the posts reached the ceiling. The curtains and walls, in the present day, were surprisingly pink.

This bedroom is now the Queen Charlotte room

The bedroom that was more masculine was Henry’s parents’ room. They were dead for more than 25 years by the time Cardinal Wolsey gave Henry this palace in 1529. So, the room was an homage to Henry VII and Queen Elizabeth.

But, as always, it is worthwhile to remember that royalty hardly ever slept together.

So which one is connected to me? Possibly neither, but they both have links to my chart.

This one surprised me because I’d already worked out that Henry VIII had more in common to me, especially with one of my three wives being Jane Seymour, the mother of Henry’s only son, Edward VI.

Henry VIII’s birth chart has some connections with mine, especially Henry’s Ascendant on my 9th House cusp, an obvious reincarnational hint. But the death chart is better.

The Aquarius stellium in Henry’s fatal chart goes with my Sun/Jupiter conjunction.

But I have to ask myself: is this proof enough?

van Leemput, Remi; Henry VII (1457-1509), Queen Elizabeth (of York) (1466-1503), Henry VIII (1491-1547), Queen Jane Seymour (1509-1537), and Edward VI (1537-1553), as Prince of Wales; National Trust, Petworth House;

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