Harsh Reality: “That’s Some Loaded Toast!”

‘Oprah with Meghan and Harry’ TV Special on CBS

A no-holds barred take down of the British Royal Family was always going to be fascinating viewing, but I wasn’t expecting such candor from the participants. In a way, Meghan got to step into Diana’s shoes and discover how cold and harsh the reality of being a royal really is. It’s no fairy tale, folks!

And what was behind the reaction by the British press? What else, racism…

“It was a constant barrage [by the U.K. media],” said Harry. “My biggest fear was history repeating itself. Add race in, add social media… something happening in the same kind of way [as my mother]. To receive no help at all and be told, ‘This is how it is.’”

Global News

The implication is that the ‘institution’ of the “Firm” decided that Meghan wasn’t royal material and then hung her out to dry by allowing the Main Stream Media to say whatever they wanted about her. The classic hero and villain scenario. Just talk about the avocados (and the ‘loaded toast’ comment).

Markle said that their son, Archie, wasn’t going to receive security since he wasn’t going to be a prince. When the couple relocated to Canada, the traditional security provided to the royals was “cut off” because of their “change in status,” according to Harry, since they were no longer working members of the royal family.

There were also “several” conversations, according to both Markle and Harry, about how dark Archie’s skin colour would be.

Who exactly did that? Who exactly said that? I can imagine who.

The timing of Meghan’s birth is considered good. I won’t disagree. The Cancer Ascendant gives her a soft spot for motherhood, and also having her feelings hurt badly. There are two inconjuncts.

Venus Inconjunct Midheaven

You often feel that you haven’t any right to ask much of those whom you love. You feel that you must do favors for them instead of asking for their help. For you, love is an act of service, not self-gratification. Also, through relationships with others, you try to learn more about your own and other people’s inner workings. For this reason your relationships are more deep and profound than most people’s. But they are somewhat difficult, too. Your close friends and loved ones discover that you are quite different in a close relationship than you appear at first. It is not that you are dishonest, but that you show a side of yourself to your friends that you usually keep hidden, often because you are not entirely confident in that role. You may feel unsure that others will like you or accept your affection. This is one reason why you express your love by doing nice things for people. You are trying to win them over.

However, you should realize hat others will respect you if you stand up for yourself and ask for a reasonable return in a relationship. If you constantly seem to be apologizing for who and what you are, people begin to wonder if they have overlooked something that is wrong with you, and they begin to lose confidence in you. Thus you may bring about the criticism that you are afraid of. You are as good and as worthy of being loved as anyone. Be yourself with others, and many people will love you.

Neptune Inconjunct Ascendant

This aspect can be a sign that you feel you must give way to others in order to get along with them. This can take two forms, both of which will be difficult to handle while you are young. The less positive form is simply yielding to all outside pressure and always giving in to others’ desires. This will produce unconscious feelings of resentment that you can’t express, but that make your relationships with others rather difficult. And as you get older, if you do not learn to stand up for your rights, this problem will get worse, because you express your unconscious resentment as a martyred attitude, which makes it impossible for others to appreciate or use anything they get from you. Thus the results of your sacrifice are totally negative, because you are not happy with giving and they are not happy with receiving.

But the other, more positive, way of dealing with this energy is by giving freely before others try to take it from you. In order to do this, you have to feel good about yourself and confident that you will always have enough for yourself and others. One side of you likes to help and take care of people and will not feel taken [advantage of] by those whom you give to. In the highest expression of this aspect, what you gain for yourself will not mean as much as what you gain for others, which is the effect you should work for.

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  1. cdsmiller17 says:

    Behind closed doors: the usage of inconjuncts to decipher an individual life’s lessons is why I share them on these astrology postings. It’s the equivalent of walking a mile in their moccasins.


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