“They Just Want(ed) to Make the World a Better Place…”

CNN Special Report: Inside the QAnon Conspiracy

First broadcast February 27th

I watched the repeat of this program on CNN last night. It makes for uncomfortable viewing, mainly because one of my children absolutely fell for the QAnon Conspiracy, hook, line and sinker.

Q Clearance Patriot

If you wanted to give yourself an anonymous title, you couldn’t do much worse that this one: it’s become a dog whistle for middle class white Americans. Old tropes have been recycled as if new, and the hint of insider ‘knowledge’ has made every Tom, Dick and Harry search out clues to see what is ‘truth’. The example given last night, but posted on 4chan (fortune?) in early November, 2017, was this puzzle:

Operation Mockingbird? Dog whistle! CIA media manipulation…

Then that question (speaking of the MSM): “Who is A Cooper?”

Anderson Cooper, of course! But, I thought to myself, what if he was naming a different A Cooper?

That would have been far more ‘useful’ since Alice Cooper hides behind a satanic persona and advocates the very things that nasty Cabal people evidently do ‘in real life’ (not really…) with dead babies.

OK. Do you get my point? Being ‘outed’ by Q brings a lot of scrutiny on your history and ‘nastiness’.

Apocalypse, Now!

The Storming of the Capitol on January 6th has become the defining moment of a conspiracy theory gone oh-so-terribly wrong. The images on the Main Stream Media of a modern American insurrection were almost too awful to witness. What were they thinking? What did they hope to achieve?

One of the most common forms of forgery in Jewish writings around the time of early Christianity is the literary genre known as the apocalypse. An apocalypse (from the Greek meaning a “revealing” or an “unveiling”) is a text that reveals the truth of the heavenly realm to mortals to help them make sense of what is happening here on earth. Sometimes this truth is revealed through bizarre and highly symbolic visions that the author allegedly sees and that are explained by some kind of angelic interpreter. An example is in the book of Daniel in the Hebrew Bible. At other times the author is said to be taken up to heaven to see the ultimate truths of the divine realm that make sense of the horrible events transpiring here on earth. A Christian example is the book of Revelation in the New Testament.

These books are meant to inspire hope in their readers. Even though things seem to be completely out of control here on earth, even though there is rampant pain and misery and suffering, even though wars, famines, epidemics, and natural disasters are crushing the human race, even though things seem to be completely removed from God’s hand—despite all this, everything is going according to plan. God will soon make right all that is wrong. If people will simply hold on for a little while longer, their trust in God will be vindicated, and he will intervene in the course of things here on earth to restore peace, justice, and joy forever.

Forged (pp. 29-30). HarperOne. Kindle Edition.

Is THAT Clear Enough?

We are NOT in the 1st Century of the Common Era, and yet Q was writing as if he had the authority of the President of the United States. He was pretending to know what was really going on. In truth, he was misleading about a tenth of the American population, sowing seeds of discontent, and inciting war on evil. It’s the oldest trick in the world, and a lot of people got sucked into the vortex, even in England.

Russian Interference?

Has no one thought about the fact that this sounds a lot like a Putin tactic? However, I understand if people who ‘trust the plan’ don’t want to admit they might have been duped. No one likes to feel like he (or she) has been made to look like a fool. That’s completely acceptable. What’s not acceptable is the constant moving of the new deadline to sometime in the near future.

It seems that they’re still waiting for Armageddon.

About cdsmiller17

I am an Astrologer who also writes about world events. My first eBook "At This Point in Time" is available through most on-line book stores. I have now serialized my second book "The Star of Bethlehem" here. And I am experimenting with birth and death charts. If you wish to contact me, or request a birth chart, send an email to cdsmiller17@gmail.com. (And, in case you are also interested, I have an extensive list of celebrity birth and death details if you wish to 'confirm' what you suspect may be a past-life experience of yours.) Bless.
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15 Responses to “They Just Want(ed) to Make the World a Better Place…”

  1. cdsmiller17 says:

    Could this man be Q? “Federico Klein served as a Marine in Iraq, his mother said. He held a top-secret clearance from 2014 to 2019, issued by the Defense Department, according to his LinkedIn page. The FBI affidavit, published Friday by the New York Times, says that clearance was renewed in 2019 and still in effect on the day of the riot.” (Politico)

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  2. captmccoy says:

    Misleading people through populist movements is a common tactic. I started paying attention to Q after the Christchurch shootings. When something like that happens I feel there must be a reason. I think the original Q got replaced or hijacked along the way. The show at the Capitol was an attempt to identify followers and discredit any future attempts to call election fraud. It’s quite obvious Trump lost the election. I think he lost the first one too.

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    • cdsmiller17 says:

      Over the years, I’ve learned to sit back and wait for the truth to reveal itself. The Storming of the Capitol had the feel of a ‘false flag’ operation, but it may be a lot less than that, in the end. Trump was in control (or so he thought), and now the whole thing is over: the long-awaited ‘martial law’ event for the 20th of January actually turned out to be true, but the other side held the reins. And I take your point about Trump losing the 2016 election, by 3 million votes, but the electoral college votes were ‘managed’ by Steve Bannon’s strategic choices of where to focus their attention. Without Bannon’s help, Trump was doomed this time. He never was the President, but he loved the limelight. Very addictive.

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  3. captmccoy says:

    There’s something that bugs me about identifying Q as being a government employee. Security clearances are granted as a requirement for a specific job. In the course of having that job the information someone with a clearance may have access to depends upon job necessity, the “need to know.” In other words someone with a clearance doesn’t have access to everything in the governments vaults so to speak. Most clearances simply allow personnel access to certain places. If the Q person was telling the truth it should not be too hard for the authorities to narrow the list of suspects down by what the person knows. Similarly when one of the news rags cites a “government source who wants to remain anonymous because they haven’t been cleared to speak on the subject” they’re full of it. A government employee speaking without clearance would lose their job in a heartbeat and probably be sitting in jail. The information is either from a non credible source or is [i] officially [/i] leaked information.

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  4. cdsmiller17 says:

    So, Captain, you’re suggesting it was a ‘hack’ job? To me, it’s like someone had an axe to grind and created the Q posts to share his/her discontent. The internet took care of the rest.

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  5. cdsmiller17 says:

    (Here’s how old [1st century] the trope is about harming babies:) “Worse than that, it was reported that at these love feasts Christians ate the flesh of the Son of God and drank his blood. Eating the flesh and drinking the blood of a child? In addition to incest, Christians were thought to be committing infanticide and cannibalism, killing babies and then eating them.”
    Forged (p. 167). HarperOne. Kindle Edition.
    (So, the irony of modern Christians thinking that ‘others’ are doing this right under their very noses is so ridiculous.)

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  6. captmccoy says:

    If the Christian’s were being accused of harming babies (they weren’t) someone was. It’s a common thread through history. Pharaoh, later Yaweh (maybe), Moloch, The Killing of the Innocents (debated).

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  7. captmccoy says:

    I don’t really know for sure. What I do know is when I started checking in on Q (about once a week) I noticed there were two sites. One was claiming to be the real Q and that his idea had been stolen. The other site is the one that advertised a book and that everyone was following. The site was on EndChan as 8Chan had been closed down. Later a new site opened on 8Kun. The original site remained. The new site had pornographic images but the old site never did. New moderators I guess. The old site does now. The original site wasn’t all right wing either. There were differing opinions varying from leftists to right wingers. That seemed to have changed. I think someone hijacked it.

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  8. captmccoy says:

    Killing off children, if we think about reincarnation, is a way to alter their souls perspective. For instance today’s younger people don’t know what life was like before 9/11. Their perception can be altered in this way. A large group of people being reborn might be deemed a threat. It put’s a in a memory block. Also, reincarnation changes some fundamental ideas we have. Nature vs Nurture argument is altered. We are really dealing with Nurture vs past life experiences and in between lifetime experiences.


    • cdsmiller17 says:

      That’s an interesting perspective. The closest analogy is a cast of characters in a play. After the play is over, they get to go home to a ‘normal’ life. Then they get recast in a new play. Hopefully they will learn their lines and play their parts well.

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  9. captmccoy says:

    Will they learn their lines or be programmed to obey? And if so who exactly are they obeying? A large group of people were born in the US between 1945 and 1960 called the baby boomers. They were largely people who died, either in conflict, civilian casualties or victims of the holocaust in WWII.

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  10. captmccoy says:

    They got programmed between lifetimes.

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