How Can the World Trust a Bibi with Yahoo in His Name?

Benjamin Netanyahu (October 21, 1949)

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I waited, and waited, and waited until a ceasefire was declared by Israel in the latest ‘skirmish’ in Gaza with Hamas: talk about David and Goliath, with the State of Israel taking the Philistine role. Such is the position that one nation has over another when a contested land is occupied.

This has been a long-running battle, with each side feeling aggrieved by the other. And at the head of the Israelis? Benjamin Netanyahu.

This birth chart is supposedly ‘rectified from an approximate time’. So what makes the reason for rectification: Venus on the Ascendant? What in God’s mercy would that be doing there?

I suppose the astrologer that made this chart rectification was perhaps more focused on Netanyahu becoming Prime Minister in 1996, at a tender age of 46 (going on 47) (Uranus @ 5° Cancer), the youngest ever and the first one born in the newly mandated State of Israel.

But that Venus placement is troubling.

Venus Conjunct Ascendant

You are probably a very appealing person, and you will discover that you can wind adults right around your finger with a smile or a gesture. You will always have this ability to charm people, which can be very useful, but you must learn to use it well.

First of all, you should not turn on he charm when you don’t feel positive about someone. People will quickly recognize when you are sincere and when you are only trying to use them. You could be known as a phony or superficial person, unless you develop real warmth. You may also tend to use your charm to get ahead, when you should depend on real ability. Develop your talents instead of smiling your way through life. You will ge more real satisfaction out of it.

On the other hand, you are a genuine peacemaker. You hate conflict, so you always look for a way to compromise. You want harmony around you at all times, which is very useful and positive, but you will have to learn not to compromise on issues that are very important to you.

As you get older, you will be very social, enjoying parties and good times or just being with people. When you are an adult, therefore, you will be very good at working with people and making them feel good. People will appreciate your talent for making your surroundings pretty and attractive, and you will probably be very popular.

(Do you think this paragraph covers the fraud and corruption allegations?)

Bibi has the Final Word

What goes around, comes around again.

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