This is What it Must be Like for My Children

The Scientist and the Psychic (2020)

Ray, the leader of our Faith and Science group, had hoped to put this book forward for us to discuss. As this has not happened, he wanted to know if I’d like to read it, since it’s right up my alley. I said, ‘Yes!’

Meet the Author: Christian Smith (February 5, 1969)

May 17th, 2021

🚀 The Scientist and the Psychic turns four months old! In early February I had the good fortune to interview with Matt Galloway for CBC’s The Current. It’s one my favourite interviews because Matt asked a lot of probing, difficult questions that I had a lot of fun answering and discussing with him. The episode aired just after Easter and is now available “On-Demand” and can be found on the CBC site or in Apple Podcasts.

Meanwhile, back at the ranch, I am looking to the future. I am working on my next project, this time a novel – a paranormal thriller! The book will be loosely based on a real-life murder case my mother and I were pulled into during the summer of 2018. I’m enjoying the process of letting my imagination run wild with storyline possibilities. Inspiration and creative ideas snap, crackle and pop continuously when I start fantasizing about the “what-ifs,” and I have already fleshed out the main characters backstory that feeds into an exciting sequel — and I haven’t even written the first novel yet! If you are interested in following the (spoiler-free) writing process, be sure to subscribe to my newsletter. 

As always, send me an email if reading Scientist and the Psychic surfaced a memory or story you want to share. If would like me to join into your Book Club for a virtual Q&A email me here.

Dr. Christian Smith

On page 40 of his book is this single sentence: I was born on February 5, 1969. Now, what astrologer do you know that could resist the temptation to explore what that person is really like? The place was Brampton, Ontario. The timing was a little more obscure, until you add up the incidents in his childhood which have had an effect on him. (That’s essentially what the book is about: his childhood memories of events in his mother’s psychic development.)

According to my father, most of my mother’s psychic experiences began then. “No overt psychic stuff until after you were born. That seemed to be the catalyst,” he wrote in an email. He doesn’t remember lights turning off and on or doors slamming. I now know my mother experienced numerous psychic events before I was born, but she kept them to herself. One of the earliest incidents she did share with my father occurred when I was still an infant.

Near the entrance to the farmhouse kitchen, my mother laid me face-up on the changing table and began unbuttoning my cotton onesie. The shrill ringing of the phone on the other side of the room startled her. She darted across the kitchen to the receiver several feet away and grabbed the phone from the wall, leaving me on the table. In 1970, changing tables didn’t have the safeguards available in modern versions. Absent were the restraining bars along the top or a baby-sized indent on the surface. They stood about four feet from the ground, and the flat surface was lined with thin vinyl padding.

My mother can’t recall who she was speaking to at the time of the incident. Like most fidgety babies eager to explore, I must have been twisting from side to side, testing my developing motor skills to see if this was the day I would finally roll over.

As my mother watched from across the kitchen, the momentum from one particularly rocking motion was enough to propel me over onto my front–and over the edge of the table.

A scream caught in her throat. My mother dropped the phone, lunging toward me as my infant body fell toward the linoleum floor.

Then, out of nowhere, the brown-haired man with the white shirt appeared. According to my mother, my fall–sure to cause significant trauma and possibly even death–was broken by a ghost.

Pages 40-41

I set the timing so that this Pluto event coincided with Christian’s first few months of life. The rest can be read by the astrologers who read my posts, especially the Mars/Saturn inconjunct.


I am halfway through the book (in one day), and it chronicles Geraldine Smith’s psychic development from those early days of wondering if she was going crazy to her greatest ‘hits’ while reading people’s auras coupled with psychometry. Once in a while things go awry, such as a ‘failed’ séance at Laurier House for Mackenzie King as recalled in the CBC archives here. But, mostly, Christian’s memories of his mother’s abilities are discussed with an eye to trying to explain them from a scientist’s perspective. (Virgo Ascendant)

Having witnessed and experienced some of the things that Geraldine has accomplished, I can heartily recommend this book as a primer for New Age concepts.

Image of Christian and Geraldine Smith courtesy of National Post

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