Question: “Did You Have a ‘Mystical’ Experience at About Age 5?”

The Answer Surprised Me

Image courtesy of The Magic Horoscope

You might think that the image (above) is a strange illustration for a question about a ‘mystical’ event. But as you will see, it is quite apt in one person’s experience.

In June 2019, I attended a family wedding. There I struck up a conversation with a friend of the family, as you do. When she found out I was an astrologer, she asked me to do her horoscope.

By the next day, I had sent her birth chart and analysis to her via Messenger, or so I thought. I added the question in the blog title to confirm whether the chart was accurate. She never did get the message. A year later, I resent it to a newer account in her name. She didn’t see it.

Yesterday, we caught up. The question, surprisingly, was still on my mind, but I phrased it slightly differently: “When you were five, did you have anything ‘special’ happen?” She thought for a moment and said, “No.”

A Finger of God (Yod) Pointing at Neptune @ 20° Sagittarius

Ordinarily, I wouldn’t have been so persistent, but my intuition was telling me for all this time that the 4th House placement of Neptune, with inconjuncts from the Sun and the Midheaven was significant. At the time I thought it might have been a spiritual visit from her grandmother.

Sun Inconjunct Neptune

You are very sensitive to your environment and to the people around you. On one level of your being, you feel what is going on very acutely. Unfortunately your understanding often comes in terms that are very difficult to communicate to others, because their meaning is not clear in your own mind. Your greatest danger is in being exposed to negative people who are full of anger or depression or who act very harshly toward you and undermine your self-confidence. Your self-confidence has to be boosted at every conceivable opportunity, and it would be very destructive for you to be criticized sharply, unless the person has made it very clear that he or she loves you.

Neptune Inconjunct Midheaven

You are very impressionable, in that you pick up the energies around you very quickly. Therefore it is important that you are surrounded by wholesome influences in your early years, because negative influences will weaken your self-esteem and make it much more difficult to accomplish anything when you are older. On the other hand, your impressionableness may give rise to some psychic ability, or at least a very sharp intuition when you are older.

“Do You Analyize Dreams?”

Later in the afternoon, yesterday, we were discussing the future (and whether Tarot is any assistance), when she suddenly asked this question. I said, “Yes.” So then she began to describe a recurring nightmare she had as a child. In her dream, she was walking home by way of a ditch and somehow got shot in the throat. She couldn’t yell for help, and no one had a clue where she was or what had happened to her. Then she would wake up in terror. This went of for a few years, until one day the events played out in real life. Due to her repeated nightmares, she ‘knew’ the only way to escape was via the ditch, where she hid until she could escape the threat and run as quickly as she could for home.

I asked her what age she first starting having these dreams. She said, “Four or five.”


There are so many elements to her story, that I hardly know where to begin. She thinks the drama may have been a replay of an event that happened in a previous life. I can see that: she basically was being warned to watch out for a certain set of circumstances which would result in her being shot. (Being forewarned is forearmed, in effect.) But every night?! Wow!

Maybe it was her guardian angel or ‘fairy godmother’ helping her get past what surely would have been the end of her earthly existence this time. That seems to play out in her chart, as the placement of Neptune at age 5 is the final ‘event’ of her life. In truth, she has no more pressing issues to contend with for the rest of her life, which is why she was wondering about the future. She feels like she’s coasting, but, at the same time, knows she’s living on bonus time.

The significance of the nightmare is that it stopped after the real life occurrence took place. Now, it’s not every day that a person can point to one circumstance in their life that changed everything for good. That’s the mystic event, and that’s the mystery.

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