The Day the Earth was Almost Wiped Out

Solar Storm (August 7, 1972)

The “seahorse flare”, an intense two-ribbon solar flare, erupting from active region McMath 11976 on 7 August 1972 as recorded by the Big Bear Solar Observatory (BBSO) (from Wikipedia)

Isn’t it amazing how myopic we humans can be? We think we are in control, but nothing could be further from the truth… Seemingly, the Sirians saved our necks in the nick of time.

The actual event happened on August 7, 1972. From our observation— and we didn’t know of course that the Sirians had intervened— it was the biggest thing that we had ever seen. Anthony R. Curtis, in his book The Space Almanac, called it “the most intense solar storm ever recorded.” According to Science News: “The early days of August saw a severe disturbance on the sun that produced four major flares between August 2 and August 7.… The ones recorded in early August were among the most major ever recorded.… The August 7 flare ran the X-ray sensors off the scale …” The solar wind, which has an average velocity of five hundred kilometers per second, or a million miles per hour, got up to two and a half million miles an hour for three days, then it dropped down to one and a half million miles an hour for thirty days. This was considered impossible, yet it happened. Accounts of the event were published in all the major scientific literature of the world and many of the major newspapers, but scientists didn’t know what it meant; all they did was publish the data. After six months, (David) Suzuki called a worldwide scientific meeting to discuss the implications of this explosion. Drunvalo left him about three months before so he doesn’t know what happened at this gathering. What he does know is that previous to the meeting— that is, from August to November 1972— there was a great amount of information published and written about this. After the meeting in June or July of 1973, there was a total worldwide blackout, just as if the great event had never happened.

Frissell, Bob. Nothing in This Book Is True, But It’s Exactly How Things Are, 15th Anniversary Edition (Kindle Locations 2033-2045). North Atlantic Books. Kindle Edition.

Sounds just about right.

As you can imagine, this solar storm would have been experienced worldwide, so (for fun) I have randomized this event for the North Pole (Alaska), just to see what could be seen, star-logically.

Uranus conjunct the Ascendant?! Jeez, eh?

And there are two inconjuncts.

Moon Inconjunct Jupiter

This aspect indicates that you have a positive, optimistic outlook on life, and you enjoy socializing with good friends. However, there are some dangers with this aspect. First, it can be a sign that you are self-indulgent and possibly even selfish, although this is not likely to happen if you have a good, strong relationship with your mother. You have a great need to be cared for and supported, to be accepted for what you are with no strings attached. If this need is fulfilled, the positive side of this aspect will flourish. But if your mother does no support your needs fully, you will feel insecure and will look elsewhere for support and fulfillment. In this case your concern will be totally for yourself with little thought for other people’s needs.

Venus Inconjunct Neptune

This can be a positive aspect if you learn to control some of its negative possibilities. You are likely to lack energy and to be rather passive. You may wait for opportunities to come to you, rather than go after them. You may not have enough energy to pursue your ambitions, or you may not have much ambition. Or you may love your comfort so much that you are unwilling to make any effort or put up with any pain that could help you grow and develop. However, if there are any indications of energy in your chart, they could overcome the passivity.

Speculation or Fact?

Depending on your sources, this could have gone either way. We were ‘doomed’ to be swallowed up by a solar flame that extended all the way to Jupiter. But then the Sirians got permission from the higher ‘powers that be’ to experiment with a Merkaba-style protection of the whole planet and everyone on it, starting from the North Pole and extending outwards to star points (UFOs) around the globe all the way down to the South Pole. Something changed that day: because of the Sirian intervention: we are now on the road to having more than a handful of individual ascending when the Earth goes into the 4th Density.

We are now destined to ALL ascend, too.

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