Promises, Promises

Canadian General Election 2021

Voting Day is next Monday. Most people have probably already made up their minds as to the party they will support: one quarter of eligible voters have already cast their ballot in the advance polls. But how does one chose as an undecided voter?

Every time an election rolls around (even one that was called in the middle of the fourth wave of a pandemic — thanks to Mr. Trudeau) the long list of pledges to every sector of society gets publicized. “This is what our party will do for you…”

But governing a country is more than making promises that you cannot possibly keep.

And I wish that voters would remember that.

Governments cannot be all things to all people. And changes take time. Just look at climate change, for example: carbon emissions need to be reduced, but no one really wants to change the status quo. A country cannot keep supporting the oil and gas sector AND adopt other energy sources half-heartedly. There has to be a political will to ‘swallow the bitter pill.’

Today’s cartoon in “The Mirror”

And note that one political party and its leader have been effectively silenced in the time period leading up to September 20th: the People’s Party of Canada may yet be the difference in how this election turns out.

And pigs might fly.

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