When the Gambler Finally Cashed in His Chips

Kenny Rogers (August 21, 1938 – March 20, 2020)

All it takes is a chance viewing of a farewell concert to set my Astrology wheels in motion. Last night we watched CBS’ “All In For The Gambler” and then I got to thinking about the man and his ‘little’ songs. Kenny Rogers was one of those lucky individuals who found fame and fortune and made his way into our hearts, at the same time. But, as usual, I wanted to look behind the lace curtains of his life.

Now, normally, I look at the inconjuncts (and there’s only one here, Saturn Inconjunct Neptune), but after reading about some of the less ‘correct’ behaviour that he exhibited, I wondered if something else was operating, My eye was drawn to the Moon @ 5° Cancer, which happens to be conjunct Chiron @ 7° Cancer 42′ and the 9th House cusp @ 10° Cancer 38′. That combination makes sense of his Scorpio Rising @ 10° (trine the Moon). A-ha! I said to myself.

Natal Chiron – Moon aspects show some kind of your emotional wounding. There is a lot of emotional trauma that hasn’t necessarily been processed. There is a bottomless need for love and nurturance. Also, there can be limiting beliefs in regards to it, a belief that love is painful, or that nurturance is painful. These beliefs can limit the capacity to give and receive love. There is a bottomless need for love and nurturance, and yet, there can be limiting beliefs in regards to it, a belief that love is painful, or that nurturance is painful, which can limit the capacity to give and receive love. Chiron is an asteroid between Saturn and Uranus. Its orbit is very unusual and represents a bridge between material and spiritual worlds. Chiron symbolizes our unbeatable injuries and incurable trauma. Above all Chiron represents the primal wound and the urge to become whole and heal the self

Natal Chiron – Moon Aspects
For Kenny’s chart, read the 8th House description

His Death Chart is Accurate to the Minute

That Cosmic Cross is impressive. The Ascendant is almost the same as in his natal chart. So the 9th House cusp is close to his natal Moon. But now the North Node is there, too, so we seem to have a completion of his life’s mission, to heal the emotional wounds of past and present lives.

Comparing the birth and death charts allows us to see how the healing took place. And I’m not surprised by anything, especially his natal Jupiter (in Aquarius) being transited by the Moon @ 25°, while his natal Uranus was transited by Venus @ 17° Taurus. There are no accidents: his time had come.

His Life’s Story in One Song

“Why don’t you stay?”

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