The Roman who Should have Succeeded Tiberius

Germanicus (May 24, 15 BC – October 10, 19 AD)

I haven’t given up the search for Crucius, but then I remembered that I hadn’t looked at Germanicus yet.

This chart was originally randomized, but then I decided to rectify it based on the age (34) that he was killed (Mars). I always wonder when the resulting Ascendant is then close to my own @ 18° Sagittarius.


There are two Inconjuncts, neither dependent on a correct time of birth:

Mars Inconjunct Saturn

Sometimes with this aspect there really is someone in your life who discourages you and makes you feel that your efforts are futile. You must learn to avoid negative people who make you feel bad about yourself. Your parents should work very hard to give you self-confidence and show you that you are a valuable and important person.

Jupiter Inconjunct Uranus

You may feel that instead of believing something that others believe, you have to establish your own ideas and values. You may try to be a nonconformist simply for its own sake, which obviously is a waste. The validity of an idea is totally independent of how many people believe it, and it is as bad to automatically reject what others believe as to accept it blindly.

His Death was Two Thousand and Two Years ago Today

I’m writing this on the 10th of October. It seems almost inconceivable that so much time has passed since he was “murdered”. This is what Wikipedia reports:

“He then made his way to Egypt, arriving to a tumultuous reception in January AD 19. He had gone there to relieve a famine in the country vital to Rome’s food supply. The move upset Tiberius, because it had violated an order by Augustus that no senator shall enter the province without consulting the emperor and the Senate (Egypt was an imperial province, and belonged to the emperor). Germanicus entered the province in his capacity as proconsul without first seeking permission to do so. He returned to Syria by summer, where he found that Piso had either ignored or revoked his orders to the cities and legions. Germanicus in turn ordered Piso’s recall to Rome, although this action was probably beyond his authority.

“In the midst of this feud, Germanicus became ill and despite the fact Piso had removed himself to the port of Seleucia, he was convinced that Piso was somehow poisoning him. Tacitus reports that there were signs of black magic in Piso’s house with hidden body-parts and Germanicus’ name inscribed on lead tablets. Germanicus sent Piso a letter formally renouncing their friendship (amicitia). Germanicus died soon after on 10 October of that year. His death aroused much speculation, with several sources blaming Piso, acting under orders from Emperor Tiberius. This was never proven, and Piso later died while facing trial. Tacitus says Tiberius was involved in a conspiracy against Germanicus, and Tiberius’ jealousy and fear of his nephew’s popularity and increasing power was the true motive.

“The death of Germanicus in dubious circumstances greatly affected Tiberius’ popularity in Rome, leading to the creation of a climate of fear in Rome itself. Also suspected of connivance in his death was Tiberius’ chief advisor, Sejanus, who would, in the 20s, create an atmosphere of fear in Roman noble and administrative circles by the use of treason trials and the role of delatores, or informers.”

For his death chart, I set the clock for 12 noon, as I usually do when the exact time is unavailable. As ‘luck’ would have it, Neptune is almost exactly conjunct the Ascendant @ 27° Sagittarius. That has to mean something, right? And at noon, the Moon (in Cancer) was directly opposite Saturn (in Capricorn).

There are some questions, then, as to what really took place. But blaming Sejanus, again, seems to be an attempt to make him retrospectively responsible for all Roman ruling family deaths. Perhaps that is how Tiberius finally got rid of Sejanus. Maybe, Tiberius was the real culprit, after all.

La Mort de Germanicus by Nicolas Poussin (1627)

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