It Took a Hundred Years for a New Wilde to be Born

Stephen Fry (August 24, 1957)

Courtesy of Twitter

It would have taken me a hundred years to link this man with the role he played in 1997: Oscar Wilde. David Lowe picked up the link instantly, yesterday afternoon, and commented on my post. He’s right.

As Stephen Fry is a public figure, I can share with you his (already published) birth chart, but I will not compare it with Wilde’s birth and death charts because I do not have Fry’s permission to do so. Other astrologers can work through the comparisons and see for themselves.

The first thing to notice is that Stephen Fry has no hidden agenda: what you see is what you get.

Famous for his public declaration of celibacy in the “Tatler” back in the 1980s, Emma Thompson has characterised her friend as “90 percent gay, 10 percent other.”

The Sun and Pluto are conjunct @ 0° Virgo, adjacent to his Ascendant @ 29° Leo 49′. There is a dynamic o his personality that most would describe as larger than life. Mars is @ 10° Virgo, too, and all of these positions are square to Saturn @ 7° Sagittarius 48′. So, disciplined, to the Nth degree, even though Saturn is trine to the Moon and Uranus in Leo. But the Sun, Pluto and the Ascendant are sextile to Neptune in Scorpio, so that’s where the actor comes into play.

The North Node is @ 14° Scorpio and the South Node is @ 14° Taurus. One picture = 1000 words:

North Node Scorpio 3rd House / South Node Taurus 9th House

Letting yourself get tangled up in conversation. Becoming deeply interested in what other people have to say. No longer being stuck on your own opinion. Giving up stubborn, dogmatic opinions. Getting in touch with emotional intensity through conversation and writing. Giving up smug assumptions. Forming deeper relationships with your siblings, uncles and cousins. Speaking in your authentic, unfiltered, voice. Moving away from taking the easy way out by clinging to tried and true opinions. Learning to take those risks in communication that will bring deeper emotional involvement with others. Letting go of resistance to complicated discussions. Trusting that you can share what you think. Speaking with passion and intensity. Not letting other people make you feel foolish for communicating with intensity and passion. Moving away from a materialistic philosophy. Moving away from self-righteous feelings about money and material comfort. No longer needing a solid philosophical base on which to rest your thinking. Following your passion for writing and communicating. Moving away from a tendency to be greedy with your knowledge. Moving away from a stingy lifestyle. Learning to share what you know with others. No longer hoarding knowledge. Deep sharing that informs and educates. Learning to deeply support other people’s learning processes. Learning to talk about sex and sexuality. Unflinching, authentic, discussions about sex and sexuality. Embracing intimate communication. Learning about your powers of communication.

His Oscar Wilde Performance


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