The Passing of Leonardo da Vinci (May 2, 1519)

Honestly, you would have thought that I’d done Leonardo’s death chart before now, but it turns out that I hadn’t. This oversight correction was prompted by a YouTube video I watched today:

So, what can his death chart show us?

We don’t know his exact time of death, so I’ve set the clock for 12 noon, to see what the energies were for that fatal day. The Neptune opposition Ascendant probably speaks volumes on its own, but the inconjuncts might serve us better. (The descriptions will be as if they were for his life, but think of them as for his continued existence.)

Mercury Inconjunct Jupiter

You like to think big, and you have great ambitions, but you don’t always make sure that your thinking is clear or careful. When you make any kind of plan, be careful. Don’t try to take on more than you can handle and make sure not to overlook details, for that could hurt what you are trying to do. Careful planning will help you develop disciplined habits in other areas as well. This aspect can mean that you are sloppy in your personal appearance and in your work habits.

Mercury Conjunct Uranus

You tend to move so fast that your energies get scattered and you never really get anything done. Be careful not to start a lot of projects and then drop them when the thrill of a new experience has worn off. At times your tempo of activity gets so high that you simply exhaust yourself. During such times you will become extremely nervous and irritable, which is the signal to slow down.

Venus Inconjunct Neptune

This aspect means that your attitudes about love and affection are very idealistic, as will become clearer later in life. Also it can be a sign of creative artistic ability if there are other indications of creativity in your chart. And, of course, you must begin the appropriate training while you are young.

When you are older, you may have severe problems in love relationships, because you feel that you are only good enough for society’s losers, people who badly need help or have severe emotional problems. Or you may find someone who seems to be perfect, who will help you out of your problems, but later turns out to be a disappointment. You must learn to take a clear, objective view of the people you are attracted to, and to realize that you deserve a positive love relationship as much as the other person does, for you are as worthwhile as anyone.

Jupiter Inconjunct Uranus

You will always need freedom, but you will also discover that what you do with your life will have meaning only if it means something to others. This is not an artificial rule but a truth that you will discover within yourself. When you do, you may become heavily involved in some social movement that advocates unusual ideas or ways of thinking.

(On second thought, this may have been how he was feeling on his ‘exit’ day, no doubt…)

Which class are you?

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