Astrology: Testing Another Theory about Rebirth

Friedrich (Fritz) Fromm (October 8, 1888 – March 12, 1945)

Image courtesy of

I suppose there’s no way of proving or disproving a theory about anything unless one is willing to tackle it head on. It has been a central contention of another astrologer that Friedrich Fromm is the controller of all things psychic that has been plaguing the United States in recent years. He also contends that Fromm is the reincarnation of Karl Marx.

Can you tell that I’m not a fan of placing the clock at noon for the birth time of anyone whose time was unknown? This chart is randomized, but I love how the Neptune, Pluto and Ascendant are conjunct in the first degrees of Gemini, while opposing the Moon and Jupiter on the Descendant. That seems to symbolize his whole persona as it played out with the attempt on Hitler’s life and the subsequent fallout.

Fritz (on the left) seems head and shoulders about the rest

There are no inconjuncts. But is he Karl Marx reborn? Let’s look at that possibility:

There are definitely some connections, I’ll give you that. Marx’ natal Uranus is conjunct Fromm’s Mars @ 19° Sagittarius, for one. And Fromm’s Pluto is close to Marx’ ‘fatal’ Moon, while Fromm’s Neptune is conjunct Marx’ natal Mercury. Finally, Fromm’s North Node is within 6° of Marx’ ‘fatal’ Ascendant (set for noon) and Marx’ natal Mars. But is that enough proof? I wonder.

The question I asked yesterday was whether it seemed likely that Marx would reincarnate as a Nazi General. But, I suppose, moving from the extreme left to the extreme right could be an attempt at balancing one’s pendulum swing in experience.

But here’s where CaptMccoy’s theory may go awry.

Yemi Osinbajo (March 8, 1957)

Idea courtesy of

When I was researching for images of Fromm, this one popped up. Hmm. suggests that Yemi Osinbajo is the reincarnation of Friedrich Fromm. So, I decided to look at this man, too.

So, first of all, this goes contrary to what CaptMccoy suggests: the Mercury and Venus need to be in the same formation for it to be a legitimate reincarnation. So I guess this is where my process deviates from his. I have no such preconceived notions, only looking to see if there are connections (i.e. conjunctions).

Now, I have no idea why the Nigerians think Osinbajo and Fromm are karmically connected, but the comparison of their charts seems to confirm ‘something’. Osinbajo’s Moon splits Fromm’s natal Neptune/Pluto/Ascendant conjunction in Gemini, right down the middle. And Osinbajo’s Part of Fortune is conjunct Fromm’s ‘fatal’ North Node. But, in my opinion, not enough to ‘prove’ reincarnation.


Rebirth is such a hot topic. Maybe we need to remind ourselves about its roots. The Jewish people have long believed that it exists. It was called ‘resurrection’. For anyone to understand that we have strayed a long way from that idea, think what it meant to them: their leaders would come back as many times as was necessary to lead them to their Promised Land. Metempsychosis was the word to describe that theory, in other words, “reincarnation”.

The Kabbalah is Jewish esoteric knowledge wrapped up in interesting concepts. Metempsychosis is essentially an explanation for reincarnation. See the following:


Moses and Jethro were Abel and Cain;

Eve and Adam, David and Bathsheba;

The Serpent became known as Uriah;

Even Job’s Abraham’s father again.

Metempsychosis was used to explain

Perplexing problems in the Kabbalah:

Some said that Adam, David, Messiah

Yielded ADaM’s name as from the same vein.

Commonly, reincarnation was used,

Heresy to some, sacred to others,

Only the Gnostics really knew for sure.

Since the 5th century it’s been abused

In Catholics, erased by the Fathers;

Saved by the Perfect: Humanity’s Cure!

Sonnet X

(Written by me in 1984)

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