Has Her Birth Time Been Wrong All This Time?

Norma Jeane’s Live Birth Certificate (June 1, 1926)

As I’m reading through the early years of this young lady’s life, I can’t help but wonder if her birth time is off by a couple of hours. My reason: there are two events which are pivotal in her life that don’t match up with the planets that should mark their timing correctly.

Call it instinct, call it intuition, call me for dinner: to correct this misalignment, I moved the clock back to 7:30 am, and then went looking for the proof. That figure at the time line could be a 9 changed to a 7, or a 7 changed to a 9. My feeling is that it was intended as a 7, and that someone rewrote it to make this clear. Subsequent astrologers decided that it was a 9, as this time would better fit in with her death @ 36 years (Mars), in other words, rectifying her chart. At any rate, I think she was meant to live longer.

The detail of the time leaves a question mark, at least in my mind.

Event One (at age 1)

In the summer of 1927, Della [Norma Jeane’s grandmother] walked across the street from her home to the Bolenders’ with the intention of seeing Norma Jeane. She banged on the front door, but Ida didn’t want to let her into the house. It’s unknown why Ida took this position, but she must have felt that Della was out of control and a danger to the baby. Indeed, Della broke the door’s glass with her elbow and let herself in. The family history has it that she confronted Ida and said she believed that Norma Jeane was dead and that no one had told her or Gladys. Alarmed and not knowing how to handle the situation, Ida let Della see Norma Jeane sleeping in her crib. She went to get Della a glass of water and when she returned she found Della smothering the baby with a pillow. “Ida became almost hysterical,” said one friend of Gladys’s in the telling of the story. “She grabbed the child. Della said that the baby’s pillow had slipped and she was simply readjusting it. But Ida was very upset and demanded that Della leave the house.”

The Secret Life of Marilyn Monroe (page 26)

In the birth chart, Neptune represents a grandparent, most usually the grandmother. There is an inconjunct joining Neptune to Mars, an obvious intention.

Event Two (at age 7)

By June 1933, shortly after her seventh birthday, Norma Jeane’s life was settled — such as it was. Yes, there were problems at the Bolender home, but it was all that she knew and she was fine there. She got along with her foster siblings and also had one faithful friend who was always there for her and never once brought her anything by joy: her pet dog, Tippy.

Sadly, however, a tragedy involving Tippy would be the catalyst to Norma Jeane’s departure from the Bolender home. As the story goes — and it’s been told countless times over the years in different variations — a neighbor of the Bolenders became annoyed by the dog’s constant barking. In Marilyn’s memoir, she write that the neighbor, finally fed up and in a moment of fury, attacked the dog with a hoe, savagely cutting Tippy in half.

A Bolender family member explained that what really happened was that Tippy was hit by a car and killed. Ida, having witnessed the event, didn’t want a dead animal continually run over in the street. Therefore, using a garden hoe, she lifted the carcass and dropped it on the driveway. She wanted nothing more to do with it, and decided that the gruesome task of disposing of the pet should wait for Wayne’s return. However, before Wayne got home, Norma Jeane showed up after playing with some friends down the street. Obviously, she was devastated by the sight of her best friend’s dead body, mangled and lying in the driving with a nearby garden tool seemingly part of the macabre scene. She let out a shriek, burst into tears, and ran into the house. For the next few hours, it was impossible to calm her down.

Ibid (pages 40-41)

This event precipitated her being sent back to her mother, Gladys, permanently. That’s the Saturn effect in full measure: death, alienation, and a change in circumstances.The strict upbringing that she had experienced up until this age was now completely undone by moving back into the home that Gladys shared with Grace. But her sense of freedom was completely destroyed along the way.



1933 (that’s Tippy on the other side of the chicken wire)

One Last Thing (or three)

Pluto is now conjunct the Ascendant, which gives the hidden demons more control of her ‘visible’ life. And the Moon is now inconjunct the Ascendant…and let’s not forget that Mars/Neptune inconjunct.

Moon Inconjunct Ascendant

You tend to put your own emotional needs and wants second to whatever you feel has to be done. In other words, you are likely to be more discipline emotionally than most people your age. But this is not good if you feel that your emotional needs are not important. Your needs must be fulfilled as much as anyone else’s, particularly because your feelings are really very powerful within yourself.

It is very likely that while you are young you will attract people who are emotionally difficult to handle. This will continue until you learn to show your emotional side as well as the surface personality that you allow others to see. It is all right for people to see all the energies that make up your personality. Only by accepting yourself completely can you overcome this conflict.

Mars Inconjunct Neptune

With this aspect you must learn to stand up for yourself and demand your rights forthrightly and directly. Often you feel that you don’t have enough energy to assert yourself or that any such effort would be futile. Unfortunately, some people with this aspect learn to work behind the scenes or dishonestly. Others simply give up or take a defeatist attitude toward life.

Sometimes this aspect operates on the physical plane as well. You may have a generally low energy level and feel tired all the time but not able to sleep because of nervousness. You may actually need more sleep than others, and if so, you should try to get it. This aspect may also indicate that you tend to have allergies and infections.

Pluto Conjunct Ascendant

This aspect can have a very powerful effect on your life, but unless you learn how to use it responsibly, it could create problems. You approach other people and situations in life with great intensity. It is difficult for you to take anything lightly, for you either get into something totally or not at all. In fact, when you do get wrapped up in some project or activity, you may neglect everything else in your life. This aspect has a compulsive quality that makes it difficult for you to do anything in moderation.

Your emotions are very intense. You go through periods of very dramatic psychological change, and after each of these periods others will feel as if they are seeing a new you. During those phases of change you are very touchy, irritable and subject to outbursts of emotion. But you thrive on the process of change even though it is often painful.

As you get older you will be more concerned with power and control. When you see something wrong or being done poorly, you want to take it over and do it right. As you grow up you will have to choose between being someone who works for positive change and reform or a person whose drive for power makes you dominate others strictly for personal gain. If you follow the latter course, people will fear your energies and will band together to stop you. Such opposition can render you totally ineffective. But if you work for positive change in society, you will be respected and effective. You must become an agent of change and creativity above and beyond your person al desires.

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  1. cdsmiller17 says:

    The argument raised by a fellow astrologer is the fact that a Leo Ascendant fits her body type better, that a Cancer Ascendant would make her more of a homebody. I disagree: she wanted desperately to be a mother (the Cancer archetype) and everything conspired to prevent that happening (Pluto). Besides, her North Node is conjunct the ‘new’ Cancer Ascendant in the 1st House, a definite sign that Motherhood was the intended occupation, not Hollywood stardom.


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