Stereotypes: Are Canadians Law-Abiding?

Only When It Suits Them to Be

In very small ways, since returning to Canada, almost 15 years ago, I’ve noticed that our national identity as an honest country is being slowly eroded by other players. We never really were law-abiding, even though we thought we were (take traffic violations, for example). I guess, being away for 22 years, has let me see the truth about my native country. We only follow the rules when we want to,,,

This statement may be true, but notice how damning the praise is, even while comparing us favourably to the United States. Can you now see why the Freedom Convoy was supported by American citizens?

They want us to be just like them. And, I suspect, that some of us want to be just like them. (I don’t…)

And this is really why people in some parts of Canada don’t like Trudeau. Gun control. Some of the other protests in Canada during this past month were dismantled after it was confirmed that some of the protesters were carrying weapons. Oops. There is no amendment in Canada of the right to bear arms.

But Americans have a difficult relationship with guns: Sandy Hook families, for example, have been awarded US$73 million in a legal suit brought against Remington Arms. This is unusual.

Again, the implication is that Canada is a safer place to live, but there are still people dying here from gunshot wounds, even though there are laws restricting the use of firearms in Canada. Somehow, criminals think they are exempt from the law. Typical, eh? Or should I say, “stereotypical”?

Enough said.

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