From Latin Lover to Visible “Other” in Hollywood

Omar Sharif (April 10, 1932 – July 10, 2015)

We watched a short documentary about the life of Omar Sharif last night. Mostly, I knew the details of what happened to him over the years, but what I hadn’t realized was that he lived on his own from 1963 onward, That seems sad. (Oh, and the fact that he gambled all his money away, over and over again.)


This time is considered correct, and all the astrology sites use it. The proof of its accuracy comes with his arrival to Western cinema goers @ age 29-30 with the making of “Lawrence of Arabia” (Sun/Mercury/Uranus in Aries). He himself says that he had very many lucky breaks in showbusiness.

There is one Yod pointing at Neptune, formed by inconjuncts to Mars and Saturn.

Mars Inconjunct Neptune

With this aspect you must learn to stand up for yourself and demand your rights forthrightly and directly. Often you feel that you don’t have enough energy to assert yourself or that any such effort would be futile. Unfortunately, some people with this aspect learn to work behind the scenes or dishonestly. Others simply give up or take a defeatist attitude toward life.

Sometimes this aspect operates on the physical plane as well. You may have a generally low energy level and feel tired all the time but not able to sleep because of nervousness. You may actually need more sleep than others, and if so, you should try to get it. This aspect may also indicate that you tend to have allergies and infections.

Saturn Inconjunct Neptune

This aspect can have a variety of effects, one of which may be difficulty in relating fantasy and imagination, on one hand, to reality, duty, obligation and work, on the other. Usually the reality, duty and work aspect of the combination is dominant, at least at first. Your imaginative side tends to be transformed into nervousness, fear and irrational anxieties. The most negative manifestation of this aspect is a feeling that you have to keep a tight lid on yourself and that if you look inside yourself too closely, you will find only emptiness and disintegration. It is difficult for you to realize that this is not the truth about your inner self.

If you do not learn to confront your inner fears now, they may surface as chronic physical ailments, although that is not likely to be apparent early in life. If you can learn to release your creativity, you can avoid negative physical effects.

But what am I alluding to in the title of this post? As sometimes happens when I do a birth chart for someone, I am reminded of someone else from the past. It might seem like a logical conclusion, but where’s the proof?

Rudolph Valentino (May 6, 1895 – August 23, 1926)

I’m not going to discuss this prior life, or delineate the aspects. Let’s just cut to the chase, shall we?

The Nodal positions for both birth charts are within 6° of each other. Omar’s natal Moon is conjunct Rudolph’s ‘fatal’ Moon and his natal Neptune. Omar’s Part of Fortune is exactly 120° from Rudolph’s.

It’s not a lot, but it’s enough to show a connection between them.

What seems significant to me is that Omar Sharif wanted to sound even more British than the British. Rudolph’s voice was his weakest link (it precluded him from the “talkies”). That’s what I call a lesson well-learned and applied.

Some Final Words from Omar Sharif





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