Melancholy Music for a Melancholy Man

Dido (December 25, 1971)


She said she was “No Angel” but I’m inclined to disagree with that. Dido is a God-send and her music helped me to cope during a very turbulent period in my life at the beginning of the 21st century.


Her birth time is purposely randomized because no one knows when it was. But it’s ‘not so bad, not so bad at all’. The positioning of her Venus/North Node conjunction in Aquarius may represent her breakout album @ 28. I like the idea that she is a Capricorn Sun with Cancer Rising, and that her Moon in Aries packs a punch in the 10th House. (She knocked me over, for sure.)

There are two inconjuncts, one dependent on a correct birth time, the other, not at all.

Sun Inconjunct Saturn (absolutely)

You will have to learn the difference between having self-control and discipline, on one hand, and totally denying yourself any self-expression, on the other. This aspect can mean that you feel extremely unworthy, which undermines your self-confidence and makes it hard to face obstacles in life with confidence and determination.

Uranus Inconjunct Midheaven (perhaps)

You need to express your thoughts and feelings, but you often upset the people around you with your words. You seem to enjoy creating a stir every time you say something, but this can get you into quite a bit of trouble with parents, teachers and other authority figures. The underlying principle of this aspect is the need to balance your individual self-expression and manner of communicating with your need to learn and grow under the guidance of other people.

This video made her a star
From “White Flag”

I’m in love and always will be…

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  1. Rosanna says:

    She helped me loads too!! Her White Flag song helped me through Ross and my original ‘break up’ many years ago. Xx


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  2. cdsmiller17 says:

    I hadn’t noticed before, but the first video of the non-stop play list was filmed in Toronto: the TTC symbol was my clue.


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