After the Fifteenth Million “Tin Lizzie” was Assembled…

Ford Stopped Production of the Model-T (May 26, 1927)

At the time, it seemed like a nonsense thing to do: sending the factory workers home with no promise of a future, but Henry Ford had a secret plan to start over, which he did in December 1927 with the Model-A.

The logic of the timing is the end of the production day, 5 pm. As a result, the Moon/Uranus, Pluto and Midheaven Grand Trine gains prominence, showing how astute Ford was. There are two connected inconjuncts, involving a Jupiter-Uranus conjunction with the Ascendant in Scorpio. Ford’s signature…

Jupiter Inconjunct Ascendant

With this aspect, you may discover that in order to grow and get ahead in life, you will have to put aside your own needs and do whatever the situation or other people require. At times you will go through tremendous and possibly painful creative changes in your life, in which everything that you are is replaced by a new order. Your environment may change radically, or you may lose all your old friends and find a whole set of new ones. During these times you will arrive at new understandings and realizations that make it impossible for your life to continue as before. You must always be open to new ideas and be willing to change your outlook on life.

Uranus Inconjunct Ascendant

Your need to be free and do what you want is often in conflict with what others require of you and even what you feel you ought to do. Sometimes this conflict can cause considerable physical and emotional tension. The task you face is to organize your life in a disciplined way that will enable you to satisfy your need for freedom through your everyday activities. One way to accomplish this is by figuring out your own methods of doing your work. Or you may choose to do the most interesting and exciting tasks, which are often the most difficult, so that others shy away from them. You need to be challenged by puzzles and problems in all your activities. You are not good at routines and repetitious tasks.


Starting over again with the Model-A may have seemed strange, but innovation requires time to work things out. Looking at the first Model-A to be produced, the changes weren’t that dramatic, but they kick-started the revolution in the car industry.

1929 Ford Model-A sedan

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