She was a Legend in Her Own Lifetime

Jeane Dixon (January 5, 1904 – January 25, 1997)

Jeane Dixon is remembered best for a prediction she made in 1956 about a Democratic president in 1960 who would not live beyond his term in office. That was her greatest claim to fame, but she wasn’t infallible. In fact, she made a later prediction that Nixon would be the winner in 1960. The first instance of a conspiracy theory involving a stolen election would have made this prediction the correct result.

Evidently, she made thousands of predictions, but very few of them came true. The prediction about Communist China may have been the only one that truly startled a President, in this case FDR. Nixon claimed Dixon could sell ‘anything’. Reagan didn’t bother consulting her after she claimed he’d never get the top job. See what I mean?

This birth chart was already on my computer (with her named spelled incorrectly). I won’t argue with its timing. Pluto in the 1st House may be the key to her obvious self-promotion. There are two inconjuncts.

Moon Inconjunct Jupiter

This aspect indicates that you have a positive, optimistic outlook on life, and you enjoy socializing with good friends. However, there are some dangers with this aspect. First, it can be a sign that you are self-indulgent and possibly even selfish, although this is not likely to happen if you have a good, strong relationship with your mother. You have a great need to be cared for and supported, to be accepted for what you are with no strings attached. If this need is fulfilled, the positive side of this aspect will flourish. But if your mother does not support your needs fully, you will feel insecure and will look elsewhere for support and fulfillment. In this case your concern will be totally for yourself with little thought for other people’s needs.

Mercury Inconjunct Neptune

The challenge of this aspect is to make your thinking and communication with others more clear. Your rational mind is strongly influenced by your sensitivity, imagination and ideals, although you aren’t always sure how this happens. You tend to spend too much time in your own imaginary world that no one else can share, and this confuses your dealings with others. You will have to learn to face reality, so that you can at least communicate with people. Otherwise, you will have a very lonely life.

Her Whole Life is Bracketed by the 20th Century

Her time of death is unreported. I have set the clock for noon, but that is inconsequential when it comes to her ‘destiny’. Note that the ‘fatal’ North and South Nodes have returned to their original natal positions. Even the ‘fatal’ Moon is about 8° from its natal position. This is a life fully lived, and finally, in the end, complete.


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