Canada’s Centennial Poster Child?

Pamela Anderson (July 1, 1967)

Yes, I’m being a little ‘tongue-in-cheek’ here, but in some ways, when I saw that her birthday occurred on that anniversary, I wondered if Pamela Anderson might have been born for that reason.

Her birth chart has plenty of hidden messages, and for once I’m going to leave them unread. Ms. Anderson has been exploited enough in this lifetime to fill all eternity. Another symbol for Canada?

Anderson suffered sexual abuse as a child, a fact she revealed publicly in 2014. She said she was molested by a female babysitter from ages 6 to 10, raped by a 25-year-old man when she was age 12, and gang-raped by her boyfriend and six of his friends when she was 14.


Canada’s Birthday (July 1, 1867)

Canada has a Yod pointing at Saturn @ 17° Scorpio 47′. The inconjuncts come from Venus @ 15° Gemini 56′ and Neptune @ 15° Aries. There is another inconjunct connecting Mercury and Jupiter. These are independent of an exact birth time. Hmm.

Comparing the charts, it’s clear that Canada and Pamela Anderson are inextricably connected. So the idea of her being the poster child for the country is not so outlandish, after all.

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