So, What About His Wife? Was She Innocent?

Marilyn Reese Sheppard (April 14, 1923 – July 4, 1954)

The previous post’s YouTube video speculated that Marilyn Sheppard may have been ‘unfaithful’. Hmm.

This birth time is considered excellent. Now, it echoes her murder chart by showing a double Yod pointing at her natal Venus/Uranus conjunction, formed by inconjuncts to Saturn and Neptune. That’s disturbing, on its own. But was she caught ‘in flagrante delicto’? Or was she the victim of a home invasion gone wrong? Here are her birth and death charts combined.

Hmm, again.

I’m going to agree with Ellie, here: Richard Eberling was the killer.

Richard Eberling, 68, the man accused by the son of Sam Sheppard of killing Sheppard’s wife, the crime that inspired “The Fugitive,” died July 25 in a prison hospital here. The cause of death was not reported.

The Washington Post (July 28, 1998)

And as a surprise revelation to me overnight, I realized his name had been hiding in plain sight. The writers of the TV series “The Fugitive” called the main character ‘Richard Kimble’.

Case closed.

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