From Girl Next Door to Mother Superior: Then and Now

Sally Field (November 6, 1946)

She was always a cutie-patootie. She started out on TV as Gidget (girl-midget), became the Flying Nun and then, later, Forrest Gump’s mother. Sally Field has picked up two Oscars, one for “Norma Rae” and the other for “Pieces of the Heart”.

This birth time is from a birth certificate, so I think we can rely upon it. There are no inconjuncts, so no hidden agendas. As I have noted previously, having Neptune conjunct (even widely) the Ascendant tends to signify an actress, at least in my experience. I need not delineate the aspects, because Ms. Field’s openness is legendary.

Even when honoured by the Oscars, she gushed…

Isn’t she lovely?

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