She was Deaf and Blind, but Not Dumb

Helen Keller (June 27, 1880 – June 1, 1968)

I was prompted to write about Helen Keller by a calendar note for March 3rd:

On this day in 1887: Anne Sullivan begins teaching 6-year-old Helen Keller

Helen’s birth chart was already on my computer program, The timing may not be exactly correct, but it seems close enough for jazz.

The North Node in a 2nd House Capricorn is tied to her being one year of age. Her life’s purpose may have been caused by the scarlet fever that blinded her @ 19 months. The very next ‘event’ in her life is represented by the Moon in a 4th House Pisces at about 6 years. This is when Annie Sullivan came into her life. That Moon is connected to Mars by an inconjunct. There is also an inconjunct connecting Saturn and the Ascendant.

Moon Inconjunct Mars

Until you learn to handle your feelings, you are likely to get angry easily, have temper tantrum and be touchy about what is your and what is not. You may feel you have to defend yourself against imagined threats. The problem here is that you are likely to become too emotionally involved with ideas, opinions or even objects without knowing it until someone threatens them. Then you react as if you were being personally threatened or attacked. You have to realize that it is possible to change your opinions and attitudes without damaging your worth as a person.

If you have a good relationship with your mother [or someone who who acts in a motherly way with you], you will develop self-confidence and the ability to stand up for your rights against any obstacle. You will be courageous, and your strength will inspire others to follow where you lead. You will be independent and able to go your own way, even if others do not choose to follow. But this will happen only if you have healthy emotional experiences as a child.

“I am not dumb now…”

Saturn Inconjunct Ascendant

With this aspect you probably have a rather serious attitude toward life and other people. It may be quite difficult for you to simply go out and have a good time. You want to be serious and to spend all your time performing significant tasks. This attitude may have developed because you were discouraged from enjoying yourself when you were younger.

You may find it rather difficult to express yourself to other people. This is another expression of your lack of self-confidence, which will change if you get positive emotional support from the people around you.

The combination of birth and death charts shows that the timing is perfect. This was a life, fully lived.


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