Even Supreme Court Justices Have Feet of Clay

Clarence Thomas (June 23, 1948)

No one is above the law. We hear that so many times, that we become inured to its true meaning. But what if the law also applies to US Supreme Court justices? You’d want to be squeaky clean if you had that position. Obviously, Clarence Thomas has fallen short, along the way.

Notice the Sun/Mercury/Venus conjunction all inconjunct to the Moon. This means that his mental and emotional identification with his Sun sign is total, but then knocked off kilter by his feelings about his mother. The only other inconjunct links Jupiter (in Gemini) to his Ascendant (in Capricorn). He is in two minds territory. Double thinking will always turn out badly (and the South Node conjunct his Midheaven in Scorpio implies that he’s done this before in a prior lifetime).

Now, you may wonder why this has all come out recently. “They” tried to get at him through his wife’s support of Trump’s stolen election lie, but that didn’t seem to go anywhere. Then someone dug up some history with the billionaire Harlan Crow, especially the undisclosed shared vacations paid for by this man. No, Thomas said there was no crime in vacationing with a good friend. So they dug deeper.

I set the clock for noon on the day of the sale of the house and two vacant lots to Crow by Thomas. An interesting dynamic appears, linking the Moon (yet again) inconjunct to the event Ascendant and Mars (in Sagittarius). The other inconjunct is Neptune and the Midheaven. Hmm. Can it be said that he didn’t know he was breaking the law by not declaring the transaction? Neptune inconjunct Midheaven suggests not.

There is no unconsciousness about this event. The most damning indication of the plan to hoodwink the public is shown by the event Midheaven transiting his natal Neptune. Thomas knew full well what he was doing, and the speculation that he was trying to hide his ongoing relationship with his billionaire benefactor, Crow, suggests that he was being ‘influenced’ behind the scenes, making his Supreme Court work tainted. And now he has been found out. As Perry Mason would say, “The truth will out.”

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