It’s Not Often that an Actress Gets to Play Her Prior Life

Halle Berry (August 14, 1966)

This is yet another strange coincidence: Halle Berry was born in Cleveland, Ohio. She was born there in her prior life, too. Before we get to that life, let’s look at her birth chart.

Now, normally I’m suspicious of a birth time just 1 minute before midnight. They say it was from memory. Hmm. However, the Neptune on the Descendant, conjunct the South Node @ 20° Scorpio demonstrates that her prior life was probably as an actress, and that she was just continuing the journey.

Dorothy Dandridge (November 9, 1922 – September 8, 1965)

To die and be reborn within 12 months is not the usual way reincarnation works, but here it makes sense. If you left your life too early, you might want to continue the career trajectory as soon as possible.

Dorothy Dandridge‘s birth time is as quoted on her birth certificate, so I’m confident enough to use it. There is one inconjunct.

Venus Inconjunct Pluto

This aspect may mean that you are very possessive and demanding of your loved ones. You may not want to accept the fact that your friends can love other people besides yourself. Let your friends be themselves freely when they are with you, and try not to be too demanding of their time. Love for friends and relatives should be given freely, not used as a way to control them. If you do that, you will lose their love.

The timing of her death chart is based on the earliest instance that could have occurred: she was on the phone @ 7:15 am, and then called back 5 minutes later for a 10:00 appointment. (She was having problems with her foot.) Her death occurred sometime between 7:30 and 10:00. Notice that there were no inconjuncts for this time. The Sun, Uranus and Pluto had just transited the Virgo Ascendant.

Interesting matchup, eh? Now, some of the slower moving planets would not have moved on very far between Dorothy’s death and Halle’s birth. So, I’m going to concentrate of the more personal planets and lights: Dorothy’s natal Sun is conjunct her ‘fatal’ Neptune and Halle’s natal Neptune; Dorothy’s ‘fatal’ Sun, Uranus and Pluto conjunction is conjunct Halle’s Uranus and Pluto conjunction; Dorothy’s natal Ascendant @ 5° Leo 46′ is conjunct Halle’s Moon and Mercury conjunction; Dorothy’s natal Neptune is conjunct Halle’s Sun; and Dorothy’s ‘fatal’ Moon is opposite Halle’s Sun. Finally, Dorothy’s natal Mercury/Jupiter conjunction is opposite Halle’s Part of Fortune. That’s a lot of connections.

The symmetry between Dorothy’s birth and death speaks volumes, too: her natal North Node is conjunct her ‘fatal’ Ascendant; her natal Sun and ‘fatal’ Neptune we’ve already commented upon; and her natal Venus and her ‘fatal’ South Node is somewhat significant, too.

But the one I saved for last is a doozy: Halle’s Saturn @ 28° Pisces is conjunct Dorothy’s natal South Node. It kind of makes me wonder which life came first.

This really seems to be life imitating art and vice versa.

The byline says it all: “Right Woman, Right Place, Wrong Time.”

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  1. cdsmiller17 says:

    Dandridge’s best friend, Geri Branton, said she saw great similarities between Berry and Dandridge. “It’s amazing, and she does it [portraying Dandridge] so well,” Branton said.
    Berry appeared horrified when Branton was asked how she was most like Dandridge. “I think that Halle’s personal life is shocking in that it’s the same,” Branton said. “Geri, shhh,” Berry said. But Branton, now in her 70s, plowed on ahead. “They’re beautiful people, beautiful on the outside but more so on the inside. Generous and lovely,” she said. “It’s unbelievable. And when I saw Halle the first time, I was taken aback. Really taken aback. They’re so very much akin.” (quoted by Dianne Seaman)

    Semkiw, Walter. Return of the Revolutionaries (p. 109). Hampton Roads Publishing. Kindle Edition.


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