The Fox Sisters Got a Bad Rap

Katie Fox (March 27, 1837 – July 2, 1892)

These three sisters were considered the ones that started the Spiritualist movement in the United States.

Would you believe that Katie Fox has returned from the dead? Let’s see if it’s true.

I have rectified her birth chart to reflect the age that she and her sister started causing raps in her family home (Neptune @ 11 years of age). That Yod pointing at the Ascendant from the Sun and Neptune seems to confirm the timing. The double inconjunct linking Uranus on the Descendant with her Mars/Jupiter conjunction was always going to be problematic, especially after becoming famous for their joint work. And the final inconjunct connecting Saturn and Pluto may have led to her drinking problems, which eventually led to her death @ age 55.

Since I don’t know what time Katie Fox died, I have set the death chart clock to 12 noon. There was only one inconjunct left, linking Jupiter and Saturn. The Moon in the 1st House ensured that her name would never be forgotten.

Who Did Katie Fox Return As?

An example of a case solved by Ahtun Re involves the medium John Edward, who has enjoyed great popularity on television. In a session with Kevin, I asked Ahtun Re who John Edward was in a past lifetime. Ahtun Re responded that Edward was one of the Fox sisters, who started the Spiritualism movement in 1848. Further research on my part allowed me to identify John Edward as the reincarnation of Kate Fox, a match that was subsequently confirmed by Ahtun Re. Spiritualism refers to the belief that spirits, those who have “crossed over” from life to death, can communicate with the living through various means.

Semkiw, Walter. Return of the Revolutionaries (p. 140). Hampton Roads Publishing. Kindle Edition.
John Edward

This is starting to sound like science fiction, doesn’t it? But it makes sense when you consider that one’s life work is completed in another time and place, through another individual. This time she became a man, John Edward.

That cluster of planets in John’s 10th House (of Career), starting with the South Node, seen as opposite Katie’s natal Mercury, shows that he is/was in synch with her thinking. And his natal Mercury is conjunct Katie’s ‘fatal’ Ascendant (as of 12 noon on her death chart). Even his birth Ascendant is opposite her birth Midheaven. Does it feel at all likely? I think so.

Now Katie’s spirit should be able to rest in peace, knowing that John Edward has made a believer in mediumship of many people in the 21st Century.


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  1. cdsmiller17 says:

    Bad Rap = bum rap, bad reputation


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