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Voyages of Peter Esprit Radisson

I just finished the first voyage, which ends with his escape from a Mohawk tribe near Schenectady, New York. As is his want, Radisson states the date and time of his departure. Did he know that I would be looking for that very information all these years later? I like to think so.

Two Charts Combined


For those that can read and understand astrological charts, this bi-wheel demonstrates how attuned Radisson was to ‘right timing’. He couldn’t have picked a better day or time to flee to Fort Orange (and the Dutch).

The transit Sun was conjunct his natal Neptune in Scorpio; the transit Ascendant was conjunct his natal Mars (in Sagittarius) and opposite his natal Pluto; the transit Jupiter (in Aquarius) was trine his natal Uranus and conjunct his natal North Node; and the transit Midheaven (in Virgo) was conjunct his natal Sun/Jupiter conjunction. I could go on and on, but I think you get my point. He timed his escape perfectly, and so succeeded in getting free.

This comes after he has turned down a prior opportunity:

“I went to see the Governor, & talked with me a long time, and tould him the life that I lead, of which he admired. He offred me to buy me from them att what prise so ever, or else should save me, which I accepted not, for severall reasons. The one was for not to be behoulding to them, and the other being loathsome to leave such kind of good people. For then I began to love my new parents that weare so good & so favourable to me. The 3d reason was to watch a better opportunity for to retyre to the french rather then make that long circuit which after I was forced to doe for to retyre to my country more then 2,000 leagues; and being that it was my destiny to discover many wild nations, I would not to strive against destinie.”

Radisson, Pierre Esprit. Voyages of Peter Esprit Radisson (p. 29). . Kindle Edition.

I would not strive against destinie


Courtesy of Alchetron

How many of us can ascribe to this sentiment? “Not many” is my guess.

As Radisson was writing from the perspective of hindsight, I’m sure he realized that his personal destiny was to discover many routes to the previously ‘unmapped’ North American continent.

And yet, how did he even remember half the stuff he wrote about? Evidently, he kept detailed journals, from which he extracted the information when it came time to make a report for the English crown.

For example, there is a journal from 1651 in two loose-leaf binders at the University of Washington Libraries, Special Collections. It is called the ‘Journal of Arrival in Canada’. He was not writing from memory.


Despite what I wrote previously, I am no longer fighting the impulse to claim Radisson as my own prior life. I just wish it hadn’t taken me so long to see the light.


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