When a Character is Killed Off…


Designated Survivor

I suspect the hint is in the show’s title. We have been watching this one since its beginning and have enjoyed the parallels to (and divergent differences with) Trump’s presidency. But behind it all are love stories being played out. Let’s focus on one:

Damian Rennett and Hannah Wells

Australians in Film Gala, Arrivals, Los Angeles, USA - 19 Oct 2016

Here is a spy story of double and triple crosses amid an obvious passion of two operatives for each other. When Hannah decided to shoot Damian on that bridge, he fell into the river below, so she thought he was dead. Only he wasn’t.

Last night, he was gunned down in the street trying to protect Hannah from the bullets of a drive-by shooting. The last scene in the show, we see is Hannah being told something by the doctor at the hospital, but we are not told what. Yet another cliffhanger: same time, next week, eh?

I was immediately suspicious. (That is probably from watching the new television show “Deception”. It’s just too easy to fool us with fake bullets, blood packs and teary eyes.) I think the short discussion between Damian and his Russian ‘handler’ made me wary. He kept saying that he was working for US Intelligence now, and she warned him that they (the Americans) might try to make him disappear after he is no longer of service to them. Then she said, “Russia wants you back; you know a lot about the Americans.”

But the more important point is that their love story was spoiled from the very beginning when he couldn’t be honest about which side he was on.

Killing him off may be the producers only way of resolving the conflict. Then Hannah can love him, in absentia, without betraying her country.

Only time will tell.

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