Operation Jubilee: Raid on Dieppe


A Canadian Disaster/An Allied Success

During World War II there was a ‘secret war’ going on, too. This particular battle was intended to test German defences in anticipation of Operation Overload (what we call D-Day). In reality, those in control knew that the invasion would never succeed, but the whole point was to discover and remove German radar equipment.

The Canadians who lost their lives that day were necessary sacrifices for the greater good.

The Chart


I have timed the chart for the moment that the JUBILEE commanders sent out their message to the troops scattered across southeastern England:

“The show is on — Now!

Here’s a slide that explains why.


As I reviewed the chart, I noticed that Saturn and Uranus are again conjunct (as they were on William Stephenson’s birth chart). Only now they are in a different sign, Gemini. Talk about being in two minds: one side wants to take a leap of faith; the other side wants to be conservative.

But the rest of the chart looks like it’s “bottom heavy” with almost all of the planets in the 4th through 6th Houses. If Astrology had been brought into the decision making, I doubt if the Allies would have changed their minds. It had to be done. “Full speed ahead, and damn the torpedoes…”

The Map


While the Canadian troops were being gunned down in the centre of the conflict, commando units (Orange and Yellow, above) were wrecking havoc on radar installations.

The Germans didn’t see them coming. Such is the nature of war. Out of 4,963 Canadians who fought on the beaches, 3,367 were casualties.


(From “A Man Called Intrepid”):

The over-all aim of JUBILEE had been, as Churchill later proposed to tell Parliament, “to deceive the enemy.” The Prime Minister’s statement was never made public, because the deception kept on working; by the end of 1942, Hitler held at least thirty-three German divisions along the Atlantic wall to protect primarily the small ports in the Calais-Boulogne area, in the belief that it was here the British intended to strike again. The statement, finally made to a secret session in Parliament, was conveyed through BSC to the President: “The attack which will be made in due course across the Channel or the North Sea requires an immense degree of preparation, vast numbers of special landing-craft and a great army trained, division by division, in amphibious warfare… It would have been most improvident of us to attempt such an enterprise before all our preparations were ready… A joint communiqué spoke of a Second Front in Europe in 1942 [because] it was of the utmost consequence to Russia that the enemy should believe we were so prepared and so resolved.”

So, world, you can thank almost 5,000 Canadians for ultimately defeating Hitler.

You’re welcome.

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