The Naked Heart

The Naked Heart

The Sight of the Planets in Man

From the outside I look at man, in his present form and posture; as I see the whole of his reality, all radiance and expression, characteristics and mannerisms; so I see the Sun that shines.

Stepping a little closer, I may communicate with this man, forming solid pictures in the mind, exposed in concrete words; all that has distinction and matter in its form come of hardened Mercury, to represent the Spirit.

Now I touch this man and feel the beauty of his being: touching no particular part, I embrace the whole; sensuality comes with Venus, feeling on the outside, exposing from within.

Next, I step inside: I have become this man, wondering the mind, floating on the clouds of his creation; this place is Earth, where the air of life is breathed and all further evolution lies hidden deep within.

Now I am within:  I journey towards the heart, uncovering potential; the first, that I confront, is this man’s ability to project, bringing forth the Spirit of his life; Mars may seem forceful, but it shows we are alive.

Deeper still lies knowledge: this projection needs direction, for it has purpose to fulfil; Jupiter lays the channels through which the spirit flows; man shall bring to life, and carry forward evolution.

Now I see the master whose Spirit is exposed: he has all knowledge of creation, in which he brings his being; Saturn builds a castle, that time may soon dispose, but if the master serves creation, he lives in no one place.

Closer to the heart, I see the greatest of potential for man to know and evolve beyond this peaceful Earth; Uranus is the opening space, to join man with all creation, a window through which may shine the Great Spirit’s beauty.

As I delve deeper, so the window is completely opened; the higher love flows through, embracing every form of life; Neptune brings a sea of wonder and ideals that man is now to swim, returning with pure Spirit, to scatter golden seeds upon the Earth.

Finally, I reach the heart, where God exists within; life is here eternal, as the Spirit finds fulfilment in the Christ; Pluto gives the wisdom of all that is the universe, the deepest point of man, the essence of the Spirit.


The Faithful Prayer

The principle of Satan is now exposed, without fear or superstition: its time is at an end.

The Spirit of these words will shine from this day forwards: in the face of condemnation, it will remain unmoved; this light will only come to rest when all desire is past, and the Earth is once more the heavenly Paradise.


To all who would know me,

I am here to give,

not the words I write,

just the life I live;

so it is with all life.


I shall hide the Spirit from no fear; lock no doors, nor bar the windows; the eyes shall never be closed, the ears shall never be covered; for in everything that is, there is reason; the root of all reason being that most pure truth, that which we named God, yet still did not know.

Our reasons today may be hidden, deep within the mind, even unto ourselves; so many are misdirected; but there shall come a time when reason is clear to all to see; this is the time promised, when peace shall reign for evermore…

Now is our time to take those first steps towards freedom.

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I am an Astrologer who also writes about world events. My first eBook "At This Point in Time" is available through most on-line book stores. I have now serialized my second book "The Star of Bethlehem" here. And I am experimenting with birth and death charts. If you wish to contact me, or request a birth chart, send an email to
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