A Humble Perspective


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Spirits That Come For A Human Experience

This is the 2007 follow-up book to Jamie Best’s Fountain booklet, The Naked Heart. When I contacted Jamie via Facebook in August, he told me about it. He offered to let me read a pdf version, but I told him I didn’t mind paying for a copy. It came yesterday and I haven’t been able to put it down.

Meet Jamie Best


From what I understand, Jamie had an epiphany in the late 1980’s. The information contained in this book was conveyed to him during that event. It took him 17 years to get it fully down on paper. He tells me that, even now, more information keeps coming through. This is true to the premise of his story: we are on a life-long journey to discover our own Truth.

Mission Statements

It has always been my main aim and motivation in writing to try to simplify and convey ideas and concepts in a commonly tangible way. To trim away the complexities of specialised science and traditional religion that seem to alienate so many people from even contemplating certain ideas or following particular trains of thought, and in doing so, to help to dissolve the many fears, superstitions and rhetorical texts that have restricted free thinking in our cultures and societies throughout our more recent history. I am aware that in the entirety of its experience, our evolution and recorded history to date is a very complex subject and living reality, with so many lives, cultures and civilisations. Likewise I am aware of the great wealth of knowledge and theories that exist, both scientific and religious, thanks to the dedication of many lifetimes past and present. All of these can lay claim, in some part, to both our welfare and advancement as a race, as well as to our downfall at times. And yet, with no disrespect to what any culture, religion or science has given us, the more time and energy you pour into something, and the more detailed or specific your research or rituals become, the more complexities and divisions can be written in and created. (Page 106: A Brief Insight Into Human Evolution)

As I continue in this book to trace my own path of understanding as to how or why the Universe creates matter and individual being, and the different levels of awareness this involves, so I may come to use many different scientific and religious terms. I commit to no school of thought in particular, and use these terms merely as tools; it is only the general feeling of ideas and concepts that I am trying to convey, in a simple and available way. Although what I have written may become categorised in time, I have no intention of establishing another separate school of thought or religious ideal. Instead I am to bring together all that is true and positive within science and religion, to unite them in their humanitarian origins. My main considered intention in writing this, is to demonstrate the simplicity of free thinking and what it can produce, for all of the ideas contained herein have come from a simple open mind, inseparably linked to the Universe as all living things are. (Pages 23-4: Saying The Same Thing)


This is a book that anyone can read. The concepts are not difficult, and the humble perspective is a welcome change from other publications.

In fact, the whole book can be summed up in the next image:


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