Trump and the Law


American Values and Traditions

I read an interesting article today about why Trump supporters believe he is not corrupt.

I suggest that you click on the above link and read it, too, before I continue my post.

Done? Good, then I’ll begin.

It’s a sobering thought that the Americans who voted for Trump have more regard for traditional American values than they do for the law. All this talk and legal maneuvering to paint Trump into corner, from which his only escape will be to resign, like Nixon, in disgrace, is having absolutely no effect on his voters.

What’s he done wrong? It’s just a ‘witch hunt’, after all.

Sex with other women? All powerful men do that.

Paying hush money? Sure, we have to protect good men.

Here’s What Trump Stands For


Trump’s promise, to make America Great Again, was just code for making Americans feel safe again. And it seems to be working for almost one half of the population, Republicans.

After Obama, the ‘silent [white] majority’ feared that ‘blacks’, ‘feminists’ and ‘immigrants’ were going to take over their precious land, forgetting, of course, that Native Americans suffered the same fate previously — but who thinks about them?

To Republicans, Democrats are just too easy on outsiders. That same thinking exists in other Western societies. In Canada, for example, the Liberals say that Canada is open to immigrants, and the Conservatives want to close the borders completely, no matter how crass that sounds. It’s the same in Europe.



Trump thinks the stock markets will crash if he’s impeached. Bravado, for sure, but nothing sobers up the voters quicker than a threat to their money.

Nothing will happen before the mid-term elections this fall. Then, depending on how the American people cast their votes, the overall winners will decide their next moves. Republican control of the House of Representatives will quash any such talk. Democrat control will embolden the ones who want Trump out of the Oval Office.

But, just one sobering thought remains…

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