Green with Envy


Anne with an E

Last night’s episode unfolded in a very methodical, orderly fashion. Anne felt unloved and unlovable. Why? Because she felt ugly with her red hair.

The backstory took us to her orphanage days where she was the target of a nasty bully. The script that keeps running through her thoughts reflects what that bully had inflicted on her. Unfortunately, some of the kids at school are now echoing similar thoughts by calling Anne and her friend, Cole, freaks.

Life can be so cruel sometimes.

Beauty versus Brains

Let’s face it: no one is satisfied with what they’ve got. They want what someone else has.

Anne wants to be as beautiful as her best friend, Diana.

Diana wants to be as smart as Anne.

But Anne meets a peddler on her way home from school. She trades her sandwich for a bottle of hair dye. Then she goes home to remedy her situation.

Literally Green

L.M. Montgomery knows how to tell a tale. The payoff of this sequence has Anne’s hair turn green instead of ebony. The medium is the message.

Now she has to have it all cut off, since nothing else would undo the mess.

The look on Marilla’s face, before she makes the first scissor snip, says it all. This is what vanity gets you. You lose your distinctive look and you face embarrassment with your peers. Oh, such a cruel world.


I was smart in school. The other boys didn’t appreciate that. One of them even tried to ‘punish’ me for it, by beating me up. (John Prince, I’m talking about you…)

But the Universe has a way of balancing the books: I wasn’t great at sports; I was ‘so-so’ in looks; and I turned into a writer, which made me a natural introvert.

Even now, I prefer to observe and report. When the term ‘intelligence’ is bandied about, my version is that of a ‘secret agent’.

I no longer envy anyone their life. I have a motto that states that ‘no one knows what goes on behind closed doors.’ And there but for the grace of God go all of us.



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2 Responses to Green with Envy

  1. says:

    Yes. “L.M. Montgomery knows how to tell a tale.” I just am not sure that those trying to retell her tales know how to do it in keeping with L.M. Montgomery, but perhaps my assessment is not fair since I could not get past the first episode, (and personally, I do not think L.M. would have either).


    • cdsmiller17 says:

      Thanks for commenting, Heather. The current series is actually much more faithful to the books as I remember them than the other two (both called Anne of Green Gables). It’s a shame that you got put off by the first episode. We must always allow a show to find its feet before we strike it down. Anne with an E is less about being a pretty show and more about great acting. And the girl who plays Anne is no beauty which makes the episode strangely touching.


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