Just Add a Pinch of Blonde Rice


The Front Runner

First of all, I have not seen this movie. That said, I remember the scandal that brewed around Gary Hart’s run for the Democratic Presidential Candidacy of 1987-8.

In America, the term ‘ladies man’ took on a new political meaning when the press were alerted to a possible liaison between Hart and Donna Rice. The key to it was that this may have been the very first public unmasking of a politician, 30 years before the #metoo movement. And it may also have been completely innocent connection, but blown out of all proportion because of the ‘optics’.


Courtesy of Donna Rice Hughes 2017

Another Rice Scandal


Mandy Rice Davies was a showgirl and model who was friends with Christine Keeler, and became embroiled in the “Profumo Affair” which discredited the Conservative government of British Prime Minister Harold Macmillan in 1963.

Sex and politics have gone hand-in-hand since earliest recorded history. It doesn’t really surprise anyone. In fact, politicians are still getting caught with their hands in the ‘rice’ jar, even in Canada. Just yesterday, a senior Conservative Shadow Cabinet MP Tony Clement revealed he is being extorted for 50,000 Euros after sexting naked pictures and videos of himself to someone he thought was a ‘consenting woman’. Now his political reputation is in ruins.


The ‘outing’ of politicians has become the ‘new’ way to de-throne powerful individuals from public office. Brett Kavanaugh may have been a recent example of how far people will go to oust someone. Even Special Counsel Robert Mueller is not immune to attack.

But it must be remembered that ‘all is fair in love and war’ and this sure ain’t ‘love’.

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