A Feminist Before It Was Fashionable


Anne Boleyn

On this day in history in 1536, Anne Boleyn was arrested for high treason, and confined to the Tower of London. The trumped-up charge of adultery was just an excuse to get her out of the way, so that Henry VIII could marry Jane Seymour instead. In the end, she was found guilty and was beheaded on May 19th, 1536. Her main claim to fame is being the mother of Elizabeth I, the first feminist in English royal history.

(The ‘Force’ is strong in this one.)


There are a lot of ‘problems’ with anything to do with Anne Boleyn’s birth date. First of all, there is speculation that she was actually born in 1507, but that’s problematic in that she would have been sent out into the world at too young an age when she was ‘maid of honour’ to Queen Claude of France. Also, the Boleyns had children every year from the time of their marriage in 1499. Only two of Anne’s four siblings survived. I’ve opted for the year 1501. The date is unknown, but several astrologers have suggested May 5th (which equates to May 15th in the present time). They also decided upon 11:30 am as the time of her birth, I suspect to make the Sun at its zenith. I allowed my Kepler 7.0 program to use the time I posted the chart today, allowing for some synchronicity…

Always, I expect to see some inconjuncts, but the Finger of God pointing at her Ascendant (from the Mars/Neptune sextile) surprised even me. This marks the destiny of a woman who would be Queen since her rising sign is Leo. (Remember, this is ALL speculative.)

Mars Inconjunct Ascendant

The difficulty with this aspect is to find a balance between getting what you want in life and getting along with others. More than most people, you will have to learn the necessity of compromising to get along with people, especially because you often seem more aggressive than you are[…] You do not actually have to compromise any more than anyone else, but you are more reluctant to do so.

Neptune Inconjunct Ascendant

This aspect can be a sign that you must give way to others in order to get along with them. This can take two forms, both of which will be difficult to handle while you are young. The less positive form is simply yielding to all outside pressure and always giving in to others’ desires. This will produce unconscious feelings of resentment that you can’t express, but that make your relationships with others rather difficult.

But the other, more positive, way of dealing with this energy is by giving freely before others try to take it from you.

But there are two other, just as important, inconjuncts relating to her love life and her relationship with her mother.

Sun Inconjunct Moon

But a much more difficult problem arises if you decide that one of these personalities is good and the other bad, so that you try to repress and hold down any behavior from the ‘bad’ side. Unfortunately, that only makes it more difficult to handle that side, so that you have intense urges to do things that you think you should not do. You begin to act in ways that betray the image of yourself that you are trying to build up.

The only solution is to accept both sides of your personality, for they are both you, and it is important to express them both. It is only your attitude of rejection that makes one side good and the other side bad.

Venus Inconjunct Pluto

You don’t have to put up with difficult or unpleasant relationships, because if you think about it, you will realize that you are drawn to these people in order to fulfill your own hidden emotional needs.

This aspect may also mean that you are very possessive and demanding of your loved ones. You may not want to accept the fact that your friends can love other people besides yourself. Let your friends be themselves freely when they are with you, and try not to be too demanding of their time. Love for friends and relatives should be given freely, not used as a way to control them. If you do that, you will lose their love.


Whether ‘real’ or not, I think this gives us a peek inside a royal marriage, especially how it all went ‘south’ so quickly. Anne Boleyn and Jane Seymour were second cousins. How’s that for keeping it in the family?


To Anne on the 5th of May

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  1. cdsmiller17 says:

    This little tidbit from Wikipedia is what made up my mind about the title of this post: ‘Another clue into Anne’s personal faith could be found in Anne’s book of hours, in which she wrote, “le temps viendra” [“the time will come”]. Alongside this inscription she drew an astrolabe, which at the time was a symbol of the Renaissance.’


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