Has John Lennon Returned?


Adam Douglas Enevoldsen

The look is familiar, isn’t it? You’d almost think it was Sean Lennon, at first glance.

But it’s not. This is Adam Douglas (his stage name). He won a television music contest in Norway in 2017, when he was 36 years old. He was born in Oklahoma City, Oklahoma in 1981, just a few months after John Lennon was killed in New York City.

But is he Lennon reincarnated? Not entirely sure, since the passing from one life and his return would have been so short, but I suspect there are no limits on what a determined spirit can do.

Birth Chart

Just a reminder that this is a rectified birth chart based on a North Node placement at 36 years of age. Interesting, nonetheless.


To preserve Mr Douglas’ privacy, I will not discuss his birth chart, but that won’t stop the Astrologers who frequent my posts from coming to their own understanding of his personality.

Two things make me think this could be right. John Lennon always wanted to be a natural-born American. But I suspect he admired Norway for its open-mindedness.

Anyway, it’s time to look at their two birth charts together, to see what correspondences exist there.


Impressive aspects, eh? (For those that can see, let them see…)

Because, John’s death was only 24 weeks before Adam’s birth, the outer planets hadn’t really moved on very much, so I don’t think it serves any purpose to post that chart comparison here.

But maybe a song would help:

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