Who Missed Fatal Flight 752?


A Canadian Tragedy

It’s still early days. Anything I write will be pure speculation, and a matter of personal opinion. But a couple of points stood out for me during the press coverage yesterday.

There seems to be a discrepancy in the number of passengers that were supposed to be on board. Originally, there was discussion of Iranian officials saying that 168 passengers and 9 crew members on the flight manifesto. An even number of seats would make sense. But when the bodies were recovered the total was 176, not 177.

Also, that one hour delay before takeoff also concerns me slightly. Perhaps there was an abundance of caution because of the missiles being launched into Iraq earlier in the night. But the nagging doubt in my mind is that they had been waiting for a late arrival.

This one hour delay may have been the reason for the crash to happen 3 minutes into the flight, instead of 1 hour into it, when the plane would have been over Turkey on its way to Kyiv in Ukraine.

The Chart


It’s a peculiar sensation to look at essentially the same chart as yesterday’s ‘slap in the face’ but see some different aspects appear. This time the conjunctions of Mercury, the Sun, Saturn and Pluto are now square to the Midheaven. That makes it a career move.

And there are two inconjuncts, the first one involving Mars and Uranus, which we saw yesterday. The second one is new.

Moon Inconjunct Mercury

As you grow older, you will have to learn to make your feelings and your reason work together. The problem is not so much that they come into conflict with each other, but that your reason and feelings represent two very different sides of your personality. When you are calm and collected and able to reflect carefully, you make decisions in one way. But when you are emotionally involved in a situation, you are likely to make up your mind very differently, which could cause you to seem inconsistent to others and make it difficult for them to understand you.

For the same reasons, it may be hard for you to put your feelings into words, because your emotions are so different from your intellect. Of course, there is nothing really strange about your feelings, but that part of your mind is quite different from the reasoning part. In fact it would be very unfortunate if you decided to listen only to your reason, because your intuition and imagination, both of which are more related to the Moon, can be of great assistance to you. They can tell you much about the world that your reasoning mind cannot.

On the other hand, you shouldn’t allow your feelings to overrun your reason. The best thing to do whenever there seems to be a conflict between these two areas is to not make a decision immediately. Reflect and wait for further information that might help you make up your mind. As you get older, this problem should lessen considerably, and you should be able to make decisions more and more rapidly.


Major General Qasem Soleimani had some ‘plans’ before he was taken out of the picture by the United States (at least according to President Trump). What if one of those plans was to ‘kill three birds with one stone’?

This goes back to the idea that 9-11 was an inside job (the last time Saturn and Pluto were in a hard aspect with each other). Canada is a proxy for the United States. If Canadians of Iranian descent were killed in an air crash over Turkey, three things would have resulted:

1. It would have seemed like an attack on Iran;

2. American interests (in Ukraine) would have been harmed;

3. NATO (in Turkey) would have been implicated.

Now, really, who would have benefited? The warmongers, for sure.

But something went wrong. There are no accidents.


Post Script: According to intelligence sources, the Ukraine International Airlines Flight PS752 was brought down by a missile launch. They have radar to ‘prove’ it. (And various cell phone videos capturing the moment of the missile exploding. How did they know?)

So, unlike yesterday’s ‘slap in the face’, this is more like Iran ‘shooting itself in the foot’.

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4 Responses to Who Missed Fatal Flight 752?

  1. cdsmiller17 says:

    There have been reports of a man being left off the flight due to a ticket mix up.


  2. cdsmiller17 says:

    Now they’re saying that the Iranians shot the airplane down with a missile.


  3. cdsmiller17 says:

    And today, the Iranians are admitting that they fired the missile…


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