Follow the Yellow Gold Road


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The Map of Heaven

This is the second book from Eben Alexander. The first book, Proof of Heaven, took the world by storm. The reason I’m coming back to this series is that I watched a longish YouTube video of his speech to The Theosophical Society last night.

But first, I should like to introduce you to:

Eben Alexander


Those eyes have IT. But when he experienced his NDE, he had no eyes to see his ‘vision’ of the afterlife; just consciousness. That’s a tricky thing for a neurosurgeon.

There have been birth charts done for him. The timing of his birth is based on a friend of his birth mother’s recollection of the night. So, everybody and his uncle have used 2:42 am on December 11, 1953, Charlotte, NC. (And they added that the information is not reliable, and has been shown to be contradictory.)

They could have rectified his chart, if they’d been paying attention to his life story, especially the part about being given up for adoption at the age of 4 months, because his birth mother was a sophomore in high school. So I have set his birth time to 7 hours later, leaving the minutes at 42 (the answer to everything).



Now, doesn’t that make sense? His loss of faith would therefore be somehow connected to Pluto at age 47, his becoming an MD at 26 years of age (Uranus), and his exploration of the world of knowledge at the tender age of 12.5 years (Jupiter). I think it all fits.

I won’t delineate his inconjuncts, except to point out that they seem symmetrical.

Some Quotations





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  1. cdsmiller17 says:

    For those with sharp eyes: you may have noticed that five-pointed star in the middle of his chart.


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