Seeing is Believing, Or is It?

“It’s a Miracle!”

I watched episode five of “Messiah” last night. It was the one entitled “So That Seeing They May Not See”. (All the episode titles have vaguely spiritual/mystical meanings to them.) I think this would have been better suited as the title of episode six, when al-Mesih walks on water in Washington, DC. But I digress.

Our expectations are the reason we see what we see, and believe what we believe.

But we may be fooling ourselves in the process.

The people had gathered at the scene of the tornado, hoping to get close to this miracle worker. Each had their special needs, but mostly they all really just wanted was to witness whatever he does next.

What they did not expect was his using a rifle to put a dog out of its misery. What!?

A man of God wouldn’t kill anything, would he?

They were hoping for a miracle. They were hoping he’d heal it. Oops.

Then, in episode six, they go on a journey with no clear destination. In the end, they end up at the nation’s capital.

He Asks the Crowd to Look Around Them at Their World

By the time the whole convoy of followers arrive at the Lincoln Memorial in Washington, they are primed for ‘something, anything’ to happen.

The Word suggests that each person look at his neighbour, to see the mirror of their thinking. He them challenges by saying, “What you see, will be your choosing.”

Then he steps to the edge of the water.

And that is entirely the point of this whole series: is he the ‘real’ thing or is he a ‘fake’?

Only you can decide.

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