When Saint Cyril became Patriarch of Alexandria in 412 AD

St. Cyril of Alexandria (376 – June 27, 444)

According to Wikipedia:

The Prefect Orestes enjoyed the political backing of Hypatia, an astronomer, philosopher and mathematician who had considerable moral authority in the city of Alexandria, and who had extensive influence. At the time of her death, she was probably over sixty years of age. Indeed, many students from wealthy and influential families came to Alexandria purposely to study privately with Hypatia, and many of these later attained high posts in government and the Church. Several Christians thought that Hypatia’s influence had caused Orestes to reject all conciliatory offerings by Cyril. Modern historians think that Orestes had cultivated his relationship with Hypatia to strengthen a bond with the pagan community of Alexandria, as he had done with the Jewish one, in order to better manage the tumultuous political life of the Egyptian capital. A mob, led by a lector named Peter, took Hypatia from her chariot and murdered her, hacking her body apart and burning the pieces outside the city walls.

Neoplatonist historian Damascius (c. 458 – c. 538) was “anxious to exploit the scandal of Hypatia’s death”, and attributed responsibility for her murder to Bishop Cyril and his Christian followers. Damascius’s account of the Christian murder of Hypatia is the sole historical source attributing direct responsibility to Bishop Cyril. Some modern studies represent Hypatia’s death as the result of a struggle between two Christian factions, the moderate Orestes, supported by Hypatia, and the more rigid Cyril. According to lexicographer William Smith, “She was accused of too much familiarity with Orestes, prefect of Alexandria, and the charge spread among the clergy, who took up the notion that she interrupted the friendship of Orestes with their archbishop, Cyril.” Scholasticus writes that Hypatia ultimately fell “victim to the political jealousy which at the time prevailed”. News of Hypatia’s murder provoked great public denunciation, not only of Cyril but of the whole Alexandrian Christian community.

So, this is not proof of Cyril’s part in Hypatia’s death: just rumour and innuendo. This was just a hunch yesterday, but I felt that Jay Sebring may have a link to Hypatia’s death, so I decided to make a chart for Cyril of the day he became “Pope” of Alexandria.

The timing is randomized, but the chart still reveals a double Yod involving the Ascendant, the Sun, a Pluto/Neptune conjunction and the Midheaven. Interesting…

It is only when you compare this event with Jay Sebring’s birth chart that you see what I intuited yesterday.

Each chart’s Part of Fortune is @ 16 degrees Aquarius. Again because Jay’s birth time was also randomized seeing his Ascendant is conjunct to Cyril’s (event) Mars/Pluto/Neptune energy does not constitute proof of a karmic debt, but it implies guilt by association. Jay’s Moon is conjunct the event Jupiter, Mercury is conjunct Mercury, Jay’s Sun is conjunct the event Venus, and Jay’s Neptune is conjunct the event Moon.

Maybe Jay was atoning for Saint Cyril’s opposition to Hypatia, when he became Sharon Tate’s friend, even until death. I don’t know for sure, but it ‘feels’ right.

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