Sharon Tate’s Forgotten Ex-Boyfriend

Jay Sebring (October 10, 1933 – August 9, 1969)

He was born Thomas John Kummer, but changed his name when he became the hair stylist to the stars in Hollywood. He had a relationship with Sharon Tate between 1964 and 1966. Their friendship continued on even after Tate got involved with Roman Polanski.

Sebring’s birth time is randomized, and yet when compared with his ‘murder’ chart, the Ascendants are in the same sign of Taurus. I wasn’t expecting that. That doesn’t make the birth time correct, however, so the actual House placements might be different. However, he married in 1960, so this could be represented by Venus in his birth chart.

The number of linked planets between the two charts seem more than coincidental: ‘natal’ Moon conjunct ‘fatal’ Moon/Venus; ‘natal’ Venus/Mars conjunct ‘fatal’ Neptune; ‘natal’ Jupiter conjunct ‘fatal’ Jupiter/Uranus; and finally, ‘natal’ Saturn conjunct ‘fatal’ Midheaven.

And then there are those Yods between the two charts. His murder seems destined in some way. Karmic, maybe? (Now there’s a thought…)

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